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Karolina is co-founder and Director of Programs at Charity Entrepreneurship. She also serves as a Fund Manager at the EA Animal Welfare Fund, and as a board member and consultant for various EA nonprofits and think tanks.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karolinasarek/


If you are interested in translating  Peter Singer's books to Polish, I highly recommend Elżbieta De Lazari. 
She is a professional translator and linguist, knows Singer personally, and has previously translated i.a. The Life You Can Save and The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter. 
If you're interested, I'm happy to reach out to her, asking whether she is interested and make an introduction. 

Out of curiosity, I looked up a list of EA-related organizations and checked their Glassdoor reviews:


Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)- 2.6 (2 reviews)

Charity Entrepreneurship- 5.0 (1 reviews )

 Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA)- 4.1 (10 reviews)

Founders Pledge- 4.8 (8 reviews)

GiveWell- 4.5 (6 reviews)

Open Philanthropy Project- 5.0 ( 3 reviews)

Rethink Charity- 5.0 (1 review) 

The Life You Can Save (TLYCS)- 4.6 (3 reviews) 


Animal Advocacy

Albert Schweitzer Foundation- 4.0 ( 1 review) 

Anima International- 4.0 ( 1 review)

Faunalytics- 5.0 (1 review)

The Good Food Institute- 4.9 (41 reviews)

The Humane League- 4.0 (35 reviews)

Wild Animal Initiative- 5.0 (1 review)


Global Health and Poverty

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)- 4.1 (206 reviews)

END Fund (deworming programme)- 2.3 (8 reviews)

Evidence Action (Deworm the World Initiative programme)- 3.9 (84 reviews)

GiveDirectly- 4.5(57 reviews)

Helen Keller International (Vitamin A supplementation programme) - 3.8 (71 reviews)

IDInsight- 4.2 (78 reviews)

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)- 3.9 (228 reviews)

Malaria Consortium- 4.1 (36 reviews)

New Incentives- 4.1 (3 reviews)

Sightsavers (deworming programme)- 4.7 (89 reviews)

Suvita- 3.1 (2 reviews)


Far Future

Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI)- 4.6 (2 reviews)

No reviews: 


80,000 Hours 

Animal Advocacy Careers 

Ayuda Efectiva



Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) 

Effective Giving UK/Netherlands 


Generation Pledge


Giving Multiplier.org-

Giving What We Can (GWWC) 

Global Priorities Institute (GPI) 

High Impact Athletes

Let's Fund 

One for the World

Raising for Effective Giving (REG) 

Rethink Priorities



Animal Advocacy

Animal Ask 

Animal Ethics 

Aquatic Life Institute 

Credence Institute

Farmed Animal Funders

Fish Welfare Initiative 


Global Health and Poverty 

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) 


Family Empowerment Media (FEM) 

Fortify Health 

Happier Lives Institute (HLI) 

Lead Exposure Elimination Project (LEEP) 

Policy Entrepreneurship Network 

SCI Foundation 


Far Future 

Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) 

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations 


Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative (BERI)

Centre for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) 

Centre on Long-term Risk (CLR)

Centre for the Study of Existential Risks (CSER) 

Future of Humanity Institute (FHI)

Future of Life Institute (FLI)

Global Catastrophic Risk Institute (GCRI)

Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI)

Projekt Framtid 

Sentience Institute 

The Centre for Election Science (CES) 

The Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research 



Centre for Applied Rationality (CFAR) 

Centre for Enabling EA Learning and Research (CEEALAR) 

Giving Green 

High Impact Careers in Government (HIPE) 

Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS) 

Our World in Data 

Qualia Research Institute (QRI) 

Sentience Politics 


The Legal Priorities Project 


CE has been incubating around 5 charities per year (with plans to scale in the future), so far the success rate is as follow:

  • 2/5 estimated to reach or exceed the cost-effectiveness of the strongest charities in their fields 
  •  2/5 make progress, but remain small-scale or have an unclear cost-effectiveness
  •  1/5 shut down in their first 24 months without having a significant impact

I spoke about it briefly in this post and would love to find the time to elaborate more. 


[EDITED] Thanks for support! If all things lined up go through, the request is covered. 

[UPDATE] Thanks for support! If all things lined up go through, the request is covered. 

I have a donation opportunity that from a quick judgment, seems very neglected, potentially important and tractable; it also needs donations ASAP (the earlier the donation, the higher the impact). It is a higher risk and a higher reward; not everyone will be interested. Please message me if you are interested, and I can explain on a quick Signal call. 

[Update 27.02.22, 01:12 am CET] For now things are on standby. Everyone is relatively safe. I’m dealing  with incoming request from community members and others as they come. Feel free to keep them coming. 

[Update 26.02.22, 3:40 pm CET] Things are moving. For now, everyone seems to be relatively safe and in contact. If you know anyone else (EA or non-EA) who need any sort of support, please connect me directly with those people.
I'm Polish and I'm in Poland right now and helping a couple of people to get out from Ukraine. I'm also in contact with EAs if they decide to leave. 

For those that have EA or non-EA friends there, you can let them know that:
I'm able to help directly and/or help find a) transport from UA-PL border (can help in 99% of cases) b) a car and driver to Lviv and other cities in Ukraine that are very close to the border to pick people up if needed (80%) c) a place to stay temporary in all major cities in Poland (97%) and long-term (30%) d) coordinate information sharing (99%) e) some other ways as well (e.g. once in Poland help with prescription medication etc. ), so just fire away if there is anything not on this list. 

On an individual level so far, I found that the biggest bottleneck is accurate information (to make an informed decision whether to leave or not; and how to do it) and safe transport within Ukraine. Once people get to UA-PL, we can find help easily. 

I don't want to give my phone/Signal/Whatsapp/Telegram number here, nor my Facebook because there were already some attempts to hack my accounts (the day before invasion and every day since then), but PM me, and I'll give you my details that you could pass to your friend (or other close ones) in Ukraine. 

I don't know whether it is cost-effective to help people in Ukraine compared to typical EA interventions, but I believe that it is important to build a truly supportive EA community. 

Thanks, Alex! 

If you or anyone else has questions about participating in the program when you have or are expecting children or have other dependents feel free to reach out to me, we can discuss your situation and what support we offer. 

"Visions" - another song he released in 2021 gives me very strong EA vibes. Lyrics include:

Imagining the worlds that could be
Shaping a mosaic of fates
For all sentient beings

Avoidable suffering and pain
We are patiently inching our way
Toward unreachable utopias

Enslaved by the forces of nature
Elevated by mindless replicators
Challenged to steer our collective destiny

Look at the magic of reality
While accepting with all honesty
That we can't know for sure what's next

No, we can't know for sure what's next
But that we're in this together
We are here together

How has the EA fund grown over the years?

You can check the donations made through all the funds on our website. Below I pasted a graph illustrating AWF’s growth over the last three years: 

Do you have a sense of what percentage of overall EA Animal Welfare giving is being done through the fund as opposed to direct donations from EAs to orgs?

I’m not aware of any comparison data of that sort, but a couple of sources (mainly EA Survey) may give us some approximate answers.

EA Survey 2019 Series: Donation Data quotes the following amount of donations made by EA community members who filled out the EA Survey. Note however, that $87,385.50 of that amount was donated to EA Animal Welfare Fund. 

Out of that following organizations received funding:

  • ACE 132,222.80
  • THL 128,012.00
  • EA Animal Welfare Fund: 87,385.50
  • GFI 85,778.53
  • Mercy For Animals: 29,705.96

Those numbers add up to 463,104.79, so something is not right with the data. But it gives us a ballpark number. 

Lewis Bollard provided another interesting piece of data in one of his newsletters, where he estimated a Farmed Animal Advocacy Groups and Team’s Revenue by Year. Note however, that those estimates are from 2014 and 2016, so before AWF launched. 


Lastly, for comparison data from Lewis Bollard’s newsletter released in 2018 claiming that “Since the start of 2016, the Open Philanthropy Project has approved 82 farm animal welfare grants totaling $47M to 50 grantees in 24 countries.” 

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