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Hi!  👋🏼  I help to run EA Globals as part of the Centre for Effective Altruism :) We often have a bunch of events coming up – here's the link to apply! In a past life, I did data analytics for lawyers at an economic consulting firm.

I'm always keen to hear from new people, especially if you have feedback or suggestions about EA Global! You can reach me via my EA Forum DMs, or at angelina [dot] li [at] centreforeffectivealtruism [dot] org if you ever want to get in touch.


How much is the stipend for this (or the approx. range if you can't say exactly)? I wanted to source that when sending this to a friend and couldn't find the information above

Thanks so much for doing this! I'm really excited to see the results of the survey and expect it'll be really useful :)

Some nits:

  • I noticed at some points that some questions which asked about the impact of programs had a "None of the above" response, whereas others didn't (My understanding is it's best practice to include a "None" question for all of these? e.g. I noticed the absence of this for the "Which of these had the largest influence on your impact?" question.
  • I found these options confusingly ordered based on the grid multi-select (e.g. for the year when you joined EA, took me a sec to find the right option, and it feels more natural in a grid to read left to right than top to bottom) — did you consider just leaving this as a list?
  • I don't think it's common phrasing to talk about "increasing / decreasing" mental health, maybe I would have phrased it as "had a positive or negative impact on" mental health
  • On "Do you have any suggestions as to how EA could be improved or developed?", I don't have a strong sense of what's being asked here, or what "EA" refers to in this context? Is this about the community at large, specific people within the community, is this still including "adjacent ideas", etc.

Seems like a cool distillation, thanks for doing it!

As a point about visualizing the data, I personally wonder if this would be easier to read as a table (here's an extremely crappy one I made of a subset of your graph), or maybe with the same idea but arranged as a 'sideways tree' — e.g. something that looks like a decision tree but without the percentages.

It was a bit hard for me to parse as is that e.g. "early detection" and "early response" are your main pathways into mitigation (and I think having it laid out more cleanly might make it easier to maintain this project + understand and audit the reasoning behind your taxonomy)

Great TL;DR! (I love comments like this <3 )

As someone who is not really on Twitter, I found this an interesting thread to read through, thanks! :)

I'd enjoy reading periodic digests like this of "here's surveys of what people are saying about us, and some cultural context on who these people are". I do feel a bit lost as to who all of these people are, which I think would help me parse what is going on here a bit better.

Thanks Abie! :) Might be worth bolding / noting top-level in the post this is meant for U.S. high schoolers who specifically do Lincoln Douglas or Public Forum? (These styles aren't popular outside of the U.S. AFAIK and it took me a bit to place those names).

I'd be curious to learn about other EA-debate projects BTW - e.g. this EA debate tournament ran with the participation of v prominent WUDC debaters a few years ago (relevant Forum post). Is there anything else like this?

Bit late, but this seems cool, and I like this style of public sourcing your career plan! I also think (as someone mentioned) GFI might be better placed to advise you on what to do about entering the US/Western food market.

Just curious, wondering if you're already in touch with people from the greater China / Asia effective animal advocacy movement, who might be helpful contacts, and if you'd like to be put in touch if not :) I'm not as familiar with the greater China EAA scene as I was a few years back, but I can probably at least get you started.