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Head of Events at the Centre for Effective Altruism


Amy Labenz

Hey Emma,

Thanks so much for your bravery in sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear about your experiences at EAG and the afterparty. I care about and value you a lot as a community member and a colleague and it makes me very sad to hear that you were uncomfortable. 

As I mentioned in my other reply, we are working with the community health team to investigate the EAG incident, and I plan to do what I can to help. 

Amy Labenz

I’d like to clarify that “using the event app to request meetings for romantic or sexual reasons” is clearly listed as one of the behaviors that “don’t belong at EA Global or related events” in our Code of Conduct (also found on our FAQ and registration form). Agreeing to this is a condition of attending, we take violations seriously, and we are working with the community health team to investigate this incident.

Thanks for the nudge! We've now posted more information here


You need to be an attendee of the conference and then you can access it from within Swapcard. 

Amy Labenz

Working with you as ED for the past four years has been the happiest I’ve been at CEA. I'm really proud of the work we have done together and I’m so sorry for the personal toll it has taken on you. I hope you get some well-deserved rest and I look forward to working with you in your new advisory role. Thank you for everything, Max! 

Amy Labenz

We have used a few Swapcard alternatives at previous events (Bizzabo, Whova, Grip) and sadly Swapcard was the best despite its weaknesses. I know the EAG team has talked with you about this some Yonatan, but I'd be keen to hear if you have any updated recommendations! 

Thank you! That's encouraging :)

Generally, we get our contracts to have alcohol "by consumption" so we only pay for what we use. My experience with EA events is that people usually don't drink that much so the portion of spend on alcohol is typically not significant. 

Hi Evan,

Thanks for asking! I agree this can be pretty tough, especially because people are really different. 

In most cases (aside from external contractors) we don't pay people based on the number of hours that they work. So, salaries don't really vary based on the hours exactly. 

But, if someone truly is able to sustainably and productively work long hours, they will probably perform better.  As a result, this could increase the chances that they get promoted, which means higher salary etc.

However, I have also seen cases where people have needed to scale back their work in order to make better judgment calls, and take care of their health, and that ultimately led to promotion. It varies a lot!

I’m not sure. She linked to both sources her post, so I don’t think the issue is that she doesn’t know about them.

I did give her quite a bit of feedback on her application and things she might include/ways she might get involved in the future, which would have given her some additional insight into how we think about the process. That might be what she means.

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