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I work at the Centre for Effective Altruism as the lead organizer for EA Global. I previously worked as an Operations Assistant at Open Philanthropy, and before that was involved in various movement building projects at EA Oxford.


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Want to help CEA improve Swapcard? Swapcard is the networking and scheduling app currently used for EA Global and EAGx events, and their team are asking users for input on new features.

Two of these features are commonly requested by our attendees — calendar synchronization and automatically blocking your schedule if you RSVP for a session.

You can vote for these features to be added or give other feedback at the links below:

Entire Swapcard product roadmap: https://swapcard.notion.site/3ed5acc763e54ce2ad07e7563c0ee9c3?v=3f3b9d52f317449c828e4d4790dbf94d

Calendar synchronization: https://swapcard.notion.site/External-Calendar-Synchronization-a62d85808c45454ca620cdddfa46f791

Automatic schedule blocking: https://swapcard.notion.site/Handle-better-overlapping-of-the-meeting-time-slots-and-sessions-when-requesting-a-meeting-or-bookma-1771ae5e2e1348e981754a6f39913df5

I think it was implied by this statement but I think it's a fair point that we could make this more explicit: "In interviews, don’t speak on behalf of the entire EA community, or anyone else in the EA community" (as if you were talking to an EA journalist, I think this wouldn't really apply).


Hi Keller — appreciate the thoughts here! I wanted to quickly note that we did actually give attendees a heads up about this in our attendee guide, and we've done similarly in most of our other recent conference attendee guides. 

Though I generally don't expect attendees to read this all the way through, we did share it multiple times, and I'm not sure whether it would have made sense to  email attendees about the journalist section specifically (if I was going to reiterate something, it probably wouldn't be this).

Hi sorry for the slow reply, we're currently not letting under 18s attend our events, sorry about that (you can see more detail in other comments below)!

This year we're doing our East Coast EA Global in Boston, but we're pretty open to shifting it back to DC in the future.

One type of event I'm provisionally excited about is a more introductory EA conference in DC targeted at mid-to-late career folks. Kinda like an EAGx but maybe more "professional" (everyone wears a suit and tie type of vibe). My sense from doing EA Global in DC was that there could be a fair amount of demand for something like this, but at this stage this is more of a vague idea than something I think we're likely to organize any time soon.

Name badges should have preferred names yes — this is the first time we're doing preferred names so if there are any technical issues you'll be able to pick up a blank badge at the event itself and write whatever name you like on it. 

Preferred names won't go onto Swapcard by default but we're looking into a way to make this happen (but anyone can change their own name on Swapcard if they like).

The previous recommendation for attendees to be double vaccinated was just written a while ago, and we hadn't updated it until now.

Hi — I can confirm we did update the website now as a result of you posting this, so thanks for flagging this!

Okay weird, checking in on this now thanks for letting us know!

It doesn’t really add much cost, pricing for vegan vs non vegan items under standard large venue caterers is pretty similar.

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