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I work at the Centre for Effective Altruism as the project manager for EA Global. I previously worked as an Operations Assistant at Open Philanthropy, and before that was involved in various movement building projects at EA Oxford.

From London originally, currently living in New York City.

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What time does EAG San Francisco start and end?

(For context I work on EA Global at the Centre for Effective Altruism.)

Thanks for the question Evelyn! The precise timings haven't been locked down yet, but roughly based off how we've done things previously (and how I expect things to happen this time):

  • Start: Drinks reception and career's fair begin on the Friday evening at around 5–6pm — and most people generally arrive at this time (or shortly beforehand). However, there will likely be a few smaller sessions (e.g. affinity group meetups or a "how to make the most out of EAG" workshop) earlier on the Friday afternoon (like all sessions, these are very optional).
  • End: Sunday dinner/drinks likely ending around 10pm.

That said, attendees are free to show up or leave whenever they want (e.g. showing up just on the Saturday and Sunday, or leaving for a couple of hours on Saturday to have a nap).

If you are easily able to, and want to make the most of the event, I'd recommend arriving early on the Friday (or the day before) and leaving as late as possible on the Monday (as you may be quite tired — many people stay up quite late on the last night). More information, including a more detailed schedule, should be sent out to attendees closer to the conference.

Hope this is helpful! Additionally, I/the team may not by default see questions about EA Global posted to the Forum, so feel free to email us (hello@eaglobal.org) to either ask us questions privately, or direct us to public questions asked on this site.

How are y'all finding places to stay for EAG San Francisco?

(For context I work on EA Global at the Centre for Effective Altruism.)

If helpful, we've put together this list of potential accommodation spaces in the area. 

Also just to note, we aren’t currently planning to do room/hotel blocks for attendees for this conference (i.e., booking hotel rooms on behalf of attendees) — mostly because there historically hasn’t been much demand for this (though a version of this was done for EAGxBoston 2022). We also got around to thinking about hotel blocks/bookings quite late and you need a fair bit of planning and warning to do this well. That said, it’s very possible we do this in the future (and slight chance we do this for EA Global: Washington, D.C.).

Hope this is helpful!

What’s the theory of change of “Come to the bay over the summer!”?

I won't go into too much detail here, but FWIW I lived in the Bay Area for ~2.5 years and found it somewhat difficult to network or get into various EA/rationalist social scenes (I think I was something of an outlier, but not extremely so). If you don't have a clear pathway to meeting people (such as being invited to work out of an EA co-working space for the summer, or having friends already living out there) you might have a more difficult experience networking/socializing than the post describes.

That said, I think for many EAs, visiting the Bay Area for at least some period of time is a great idea.

What is the difference between the San Francisco and Washington DC EAGs?

Hi Evelyn,

(For context I work on EA Global at the Centre for Effective Altruism.) Good question! Right now we expect the conferences to be fairly similar, with EA Global: San Francisco attracting more of the EA community on the west coast and EA Global: Washington, D.C. attracting more of the EA community on the east coast.

We’ve not yet locked in the talks and workshops for the two conferences, though we expect the Washington D.C. event to have more content focused around policy and government, as well as attendees that are more interested in these areas.

Hope this is helpful!

Apply to attend an EA conference!

Thanks for the suggestion here! I've edited the post to put in the full place names, and will try to do so on our other communications/sites.

I burnt out at EAG. Let's talk about it.

Hi Luke — sorry to hear about all of this! I work on the EA Global team and I can confirm that we definitely definitely don't want you sleeping on the bus! Please apply for more travel/accommodation funding next time if it'd be useful, it definitely won't affect your chances and we won't reject you for thinking you're taking advantage of us!

For folks who need it, funding is also available up-front (rather than having to wait to be reimbursed), with an option to return extra money should you have any leftover.

I burnt out at EAG. Let's talk about it.

Hi Alastair — sorry to hear you had such a rough experience! I work on the EA Global team and posts like these are super helpful to us as well as the wider EA community (helping folks manage expectations, helping people who have burnt out feel like they aren’t alone, etc.). I think EA Globals have a lot going on (including afterparties) and many attendees definitely feel like they are under a lot of pressure, which can be a lot. Glad to hear you’re doing better now — and definitely keen to hear any feedback you or anyone else might have for the organizing team (feedback forms were sent out to all attendees)!

How about we don't all get COVID in London?

Eli from the EA Global team here: For anyone that has travelled to London for the conference, we will reimburse you for any extra travel or accommodation costs that arise should you be stuck in town due to contracting COVID-19 (e.g. if you have to stay in your hotel for an extra week and book new flights due to contracting COVID-19 at or slightly before the event).

You can see more information in our COVID protocol here, though please feel free to reach out to hello@eaglobal.org should you have any questions or concerns — thanks!

How about we don't all get COVID in London?

Eli from the EAG London team here: there will be plenty (hundreds) of COVID tests available at the event for any attendee who wants them. Please ask an on-site volunteer or organizer if you'd like a rapid/lateral flow test!

Animal welfare EA and personal dietary options

Thanks for the post — I only sort of skimmed the post and comments, and crucially I don't think this is  what your post is really about, but it seems like you have the view that we're kinda clueless about whether factory farmed animals have good or bad lives. In reference to this, you mention in a comment: "It's hard to be confident of any view on this, when we understand so little about consciousness, animal cognition, or morality."

As an aside, the term "factory farmed animals" is kind of weird category that includes both cows and chickens (among other animals). You could plausibly make the case that cows have net positive lives, but it seems pretty difficult to say the same for chickens.

Sure, we don't understand everything and everything about morality, but given the evidence we do have with regards to animal suffering and a few other basic axioms and intuitions, it seems hard to put this at 50:50 or similar. There are a bunch of arguments in favor of factory farmed chickens having bad lives, and I'm not aware of many arguments saying that they have positive lives. I think the Holocaust case is interesting but a bit confusing because those people had (probably) happy/positive lives before the Holocaust, and could have had happy/positive lives if they had been released. If someone were to intentionally breed humans into existence in order to place them into concentration camps (and later kill them), I think most plausible ethical theories would consider this to be uncontroversially bad.

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EA Global Project ManageratCentre for Effective Altruism