The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is spinning out as a project of Effective Ventures Foundation UK and Effective Ventures US (known collectively as Effective Ventures or EV) to become an independent organisation. As EV decentralises, we expect that bringing our operations in-house and establishing our own legal entities will better allow us to accomplish our mission and goals.

We’d like to extend a deep thank you to the EV team for all their hard work in helping us to scale our programs, and in providing essential support and leadership over the last few years. 

Alongside our new CEO joining the team next month, this means that we’re entering a new era for CEA. We’re excited to build an operations team that can align more closely with our needs, as well as a governance structure that allows us to be independent and better matches our purpose.

As EV’s largest project and one with many complex and interwoven programs, we expect this spin-out process will take some time, likely between 12–24 months. This is because we’ll need to set up new legal structures, hire new staff, manage visas and intellectual property, and handle various other items. We expect this spin-out to not affect the external operations of our core products, and generally not be particularly noticeable from the outside—EA Global and the EA Forum, for example, will continue to run as they would otherwise.

We expect to start hiring for our new operations team over the coming months, and will have various job postings live soon—likely across finance, legal, staff support, and other areas. If you’re potentially interested in these types of roles, you can fill out the expression of interest form here.

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