The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), an effective altruism (EA) project which recently spun out of Effective Ventures (EV) is spinning out of the newly established Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA).

The current CEO of CEA (the Centre for Effective Altruism), Zach Robinson, CEO of CEA and Effective Ventures (CEOCEV), will be taking the position of Chief Executive Administrator (CEA) for CEA (CEA), as the venture spins out of CEA (CEA).

The cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) for this new effective venture suggested that this venture will be high-EV (see: EA). CEA’s CEA’s CEA ventures that the new spun-out CEA venture’s effectiveness is cost-effective in every available scenario (CEAS).

CEA’s new strategy, See EA will take effect:

  • See: Gain a better understanding of where the community is, who is part of it and where it could go
  • EA: Effective altruism. No need to complicate things.

To provide some clarity on this rather confusing scenario, here is a diagram:





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CEA's elaborate adjustments confirm everyone's assertions: constantly evolving affiliations cause extreme antipathy. Can everyone agree, current entertainment aside, carefully examining acronyms could engender accuracy? 

Clearly, excellence awaits: collective enlightenment amid cost effectiveness analysis.

cool effort amigo

Would the new CEA be considered EA adjacent?

This needs to be discussed internally, but I think a better description is Cooperative with EA (CEA)

Re See-EA and understanding the community better, have you considered the community of Sea-EAs? Or maybe go big-tent and focus on rank-C EAs? Charity Entrepreneurship's Alumni?

At the heart of EA, the mantis shrimp sees one of the widest spectrum of colours of all living creatures. See EA / Sea EA

I was saddened to learn a few days ago that the mantis shrimp thing is actually a myth :( 

Have you considered the expected value (EV) calculations for the Effective Ventures (EV) effective ventures (EVs)? I would like to see the CEA EV EV EV calculations for the CEA's CEA.

I propose the creation of an umbrella organisation for all EA activities with the name Control - which all other orgs can then spin out of.

This reflects the critical need for EA to engage more outside branding consultants! If six figures had been spent on such labors, there's a 60% chance that the consultants would have identified the opportunity to show a clear break with the past / reform orientation by re-spelling "Centre" in the US-normal way....

re-spelling "Centre" in the US-normal way 

What's that? "Hub"? Doesn't sound right to me.

How will you address the conflict of interest allegations raised against your organisation? It feels like the two organisations are awfully intertwined. For gods sake, the CEOs are sleeping with each other! I bet they even do each other's taxes!

I'm joining the other EA. 

Sounds like a good move - although I'm skeptical that CEA will achieve the escape velocity necessary to spin out of CEA's center of gravity. Shoot your shot!

I think you should speak to Naming What We Can

Though I think these days they go by ‘CETACEANS’ (the Centre for Effectively, Transparently, Accurately, Clearly, Effectively, and Accurately Naming Stuff).

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