Jonas Hallgren


How do other EAs keep themselves motivated?

Great to "see" you Sean! I do remember our meeting during the conference, an interesting chat for sure. 
Thank you for the long and deliberate answer, I checked out the stuff you sent and it of course sent me down a rabbit hole of EA motivation which was quite cool. Other than that it makes sense to modify my working process and goals a bit in order to get motivation from other sources than altruism. I think the two main things I take with me from the advice here is to have a more written account of why I do things but most importantly I need to get into the EA loop and I need to actively engage with the community more to get more reminders of why I do things. I'm however lazy and I will only answer you even though I enjoyed the other's answers too. 

(looking for feedback!) A Happier World: An EA inspired YouTube channel

First and foremost I really liked the engineering pandemics video, I actually saw it independently a month ago and it reminds me a lot of good informational youtube content  (which is good).  I wanted to state my support for this because I think what you're trying to do is great! Other than that I'm a person with time on my hands and youtube experience, so I would love to help in whatever way I can, especially with demographics and outreach. (I've sent you a dm :) ).