Jesper Magnusson

Student, local group organiser
15 karmaJoined Dec 2021Pursuing a graduate degree (e.g. Master's)Uppsala, Sweden


Master’s student in biology at Uppsala university, and organiser for a local EA group (EA Uppsala).


Hello! I'm Jesper, I'm in a master's program in biology at Uppsala University. I'm trying to test my fit for biosecurity and figuring out my career plan. I think biological questions will grow in importance in the future as biotech capabilities improve, and so bioethics will similarly be of increasing value.

I was also thinking of the high production costs as a potential area of intervention. A few minutes of browsing turned up some potential advancements in production methods of antivenom, e.g. using synthetic biology, and I would be interested in learning about the potential cost-effectiveness of implementing or scaling up such alternative production methods. It seems like many of them are still in the R&D-stage though, but this could be an area to keep a close eye on.

A recent article on the topic: