The policy topic is very broad, covering any post about improving government policy (in developing and developed countries alike).

Improving policy

Governments are typically committed to the notion that their policies should be effective. This means that members of the effective altruist community can be in a good position to help governments reach their aims. Moreover, the fact that governments are very powerful, and control significant proportions of world GDP, suggests that helping policy-makers can be a high-value strategy. This strategy can be pursued either from the outside—by effective altruist organizations which advise policy-makers—or from the inside—by policy-makers who try to do the most good possible.

Some of the highest-impact reforms affect people who are less able to advocate for their own interests, such as prisoners or migrants. Other policies, like macroeconomic policy and land use reform, have effects that are somewhat diffuse and non-obvious, which makes it difficult to assemble groups to lobby for change. The more mainstream focus areas of global poverty and health, animal welfare and existential risk could also be addressed using political advocacy.


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