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Hi Lovkush, Ollie from the CEA events team here.

We are not claiming Gift Aid on the donations which relate to EAG London this year.

However, this is separate from your own personal tax reliefs, which you can claim on your donations in your personal tax return (and which does not depend on whether Effective Ventures, our parent organisation, claims Gift Aid).

Jumping in here: this event is intended as a test for whether an EAGx in Brazil might make sense in future. EAGx events are usually larger, and CEA are more involved in supporting the teams, so we decided to distinguish this from an EAGx by using a different name for this event.

(I approved the grant from CEA for this event).

I signed up, thanks for sharing! 

I'd probably bet against this happening FWIW. Maybe a Manifold market?

Also, 100+ comments on the forum might not mean it's necessarily "heated"—a back and forth between two commenters can quickly increase the tally on any subject so that part might also need specifying further.

Congratulations to the EA Project For Awesome 2024 team, who managed to raise over $100k for AMF, GiveDirectly and ProVeg International by submitting promotional/informational videos to the project.

There's been an effort to raise money for effective charities via Project For Awesome since 2017, and it seems like a really productive effort every time. Thanks to all involved! 

One habit to make that second piece of advice stick even more that I often recommend: introduce people to other people as soon as you think of it (i.e. pause the conversation and send them an email address or list of names or open a thread between the two people). 

I often pause 1:1s to find links or send someone a message because I'm prone to forgetting to do follow-up actions unless I immediately do it (or write it down).

Maybe let the forum team know here (Toby's comment above) :)

Maybe let the forum know here (Toby's comment above) :)

That Notion link doesn't work for me FYI :) But this one did (from their website)

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