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    CEA Community Events Retrospective


    Thanks, Oli. Yes, I don't think we nailed it with the questions and as you say, that's always hard to do. Appreciate you adding this context for readers.

    I agree. Of all of CEA's outputs this year, I think this could be the most useful for the community and I think it's worth bumping. It's our fault that it didn't get enough traction; it came out just before EAG and we didn't share it elsewhere.

    Yes! We'll need to review footage and confirm with speakers, but they should be up soon :) 

    Very cool to see Joey and Karolina on this list! Thoroughly deserved, congrats to both :)  

    This is such devastating news and a huge loss to this community. Sebastian was deeply kind, thoughtful and selfless. He volunteered at several EAGs, and was always generous with his time; my colleagues and I learned of his passing because he was providing input on a project as a favour to us. 

    Whenever I saw him, and once I'd learned about all the projects he was driving forward, his face would light up as he told me about all the new things his kids had learned or started saying.

    I feel very lucky to have known him, and he will be sorely missed by so many.

    perhaps that could be planned to co-incide with holidays from UK univerisites

    Yes, this is the plan for any potential UK EAGx (though it's not yet confirmed). Other considerations include:

    • Running it late enough in the academic year such that students new to EA in the autumn terms can benefit.
    • Avoiding summer because many students travel/take internships/go on holiday.
    • Ensuring the organisers have capacity to run it (i.e. if they're students, organising doesn't heavily affect their studies)
    • The availability of (cheap) venues.

    This means that the spring break is currently our best guess, and as early as possible in that window so as to be further from exams. 

    perhaps be more favourable from applications from students who wanted to attend/apply to EAG London 2024 but didn't for the reason Oliver states?

    The event is already designed to be maximally favourable to UK students so they wouldn't need to flag this.

    [I help run EAGx]

    Thanks, that makes sense.

    I guess I don't interpret those bullets as "arguing against organising simple events" but rather "put your effort into supporting more engaged people" and that could even be consistent with running simple events, since it means less time on broad outreach compared to e.g. a high-effort welcoming event. 

    I agree with the first part of your last sentence (the blend), I don't know how EA groups spend their time.

    I agree!

    > I have heard many people argue against organising relatively simple events such as, 'get a venue, get a speaker, invite people'.

    Where have you heard this? I've not seen this.

    > get an endorsement from someone like Bregman

    Noting that this isn't easy and could be a large driver of the value!

    I was at the career fair, hosted a workshop for first-timers and attended a few things.

    • I was really happy to see the geographic diversity of attendees. My session was attended by people in India, Norway, Indonesia, Germany, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Finland, Canada, the US and the UK (from memory, I'm probably missing many more).
    • I spoke with someone who had spent a decade teaching English in China who was finding out how to contribute (spoiler: this is valuable work experience for a range of EA issues). 
    • I was part of a discussion between group leaders from Barcelona and Indonesia who were figuring out which language to host their intro fellowships in.
    • I feel very grateful to all the speakers, organisers, volunteers, meet-up hosts, workshop hosts, staff and attendees who joined this event, often at odd hours and probably in place of other weekend plans. Thank you!

    Sounds cool, thanks for attending! 

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