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Answer by OllieBaseNov 23, 202222

I'm a GWWC pledger so I donate ~10% of my income, and give every month to EA Funds with the following split:

Global Health and Development Fund5%
Animal Welfare Fund10%
Long-Term Future Fund40%
GiveWell (Top Charities Fund)5%
Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund40%

(I might change this distribution, I haven't thought about it in a while - has anything important happened recently?)

There are probably benefits to giving a big sum at the end of the year, but I find it stressful to think through so I'll probably just keep doing this.

Thanks so much for sharing this! This all seems like great advice to me (though I'm usually on the organising side, rather than the attending side).

I've supported lots of retreats as part of my role at CEA and read lots of feedback forms. I only skimmed this post but I think this is great advice and matches the intuitions I have. I'll likely send this to retreat organisers I'm supporting. Thank you for writing this!

A few from me!

  • In the conference office hours yesterday, there was a good discussion about the demandingness of EA. One attendee said they always felt pressure to work more to help more people. Other attendees in the session introduced considerations such as being able to work sustainably for long periods of time, and the importance of cause prioritisation above marginal output. I thought it was really brave of the attendee to seek help in a public forum, and everyone was super welcoming.
  • A colleague mentioned helping a community builder focused on AI safety. During the meeting, they looked up professors at their university that they might be able to tap to start an AIS hub, and did some brainstorming on how to get CS PhD students to engage with AIS.
  • One person I bumped into in Gathertown thought that the EA Gathertown space was made just for the conference - not so! They said they'd probably visit again after the event.
  • I met someone who was interested in community-building efforts in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and was able to connect them to someone else I know. Just really exciting that this person is seeking and able to connect with the global EA community.

Thank you! For commenting and sharing :) 

Yeah, thanks for raising this!

The conferences you're referring to are all EAGx events which primarily serve the region the conference is based in. This means the organisers aren't expecting many applicants to require visas. Earlier this year, before we had confirmed more conferences around the world, serving more of the community, we accepted some people to events like EAGxOxford from further afield.

Applications for EA Global will open much earlier for this reason, though that won't solve the problem for the US.

We know that, even with long application timelines, visas are just very difficult for some people to get for some countries. Timelines aren't the only problem; we see lots of visa rejections too. We're hoping to run more events like EAGxVirtual and EAGxSingapore, which are more accessible to those people and we're improving our visa process to make applications stronger and ensure they're processed faster.

All to say, we're working on making these events more accessible, but we're not nailing it yet.

I shared this with some Hindi, French and Spanish speakers I know :)

Thanks, Kyle, much appreciated! :) 

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