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CEA Community Events Retrospective


As someone guilty of this—sorry! This is a good reminder.

Sorry about this. It takes time to go back and forth internally with the team to write posts like this, to get them cleared and checked by various people but I think it's fair criticism that we ought to have gotten our act together sooner!

Thanks, I enjoyed these pieces! Really clear and well-structured.

Congratulations! I thought this was an awesome event :) 

The CEA events team is hiring for several roles, all of which can be either remote or Oxford-based:

  • Project Manager (Apply by April 8th): You’ll collaborate with experts and provide end-to-end event support to make events happen that could be valuable for making progress in their fields, and which might not happen otherwise.
  • Events Associate (Apply by April 8th): You’ll support the planning and execution of our events and play a key role in enhancing their impact.
  • Events Generalist (expression of interest): Join our team and support our expanding portfolio of events through work on admissions, content, event design, production, or volunteer management.

re-spelling "Centre" in the US-normal way 

What's that? "Hub"? Doesn't sound right to me.

This needs to be discussed internally, but I think a better description is Cooperative with EA (CEA)

Yes, unfortunately, the EAGxLondon team couldn't secure a date in early April. The university venue we were working with initially said that they had dates available in April but, frustratingly, this turned out not to be the case and the team didn't have enough time to find an alternative. We're exploring other options, including an event later this year.

Next month, two EAGx events are happening in new locations: Austin and Copenhagen!

Applications for these events are closing soon:

These conferences are primarily for people who are at least familiar with the core ideas of effective altruism and are interested in learning more about what to do with these ideas. We're particularly excited to welcome people working professionally in the EA space to connect with others nearby and provide mentorship to those new to the space.

If you want to attend but are unsure about whether to apply, please err on the side of applying!

If you've applied to attend an EA Global or EAGx event before, you can use the same application for either event.

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