I'm a contact person for the effective altruism community: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/hYh6jKBsKXH8mWwtc/a-contact-person-for-the-ea-community

Please feel free to contact me at julia.wise@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

I work at CEA as a community liaison, trying to make the EA community stronger and more welcoming. I also serve on the board of GiveWell.

Besides effective altruism, I'm interested in folk dance and trying to keep up with my three children.

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Mental support for EA partners?

I think there are a lot of partners out there (including where both are EA, but one is maximizing harder than the other) who feel similarly! 
Another relevant post: You have more than one goal, and that's fine

New cause area: Violence against women and girls

Related: workforce participation by women in India is very low (~20%) and has been dropping, partly because women and their families are worried about harassment or violence at work or while commuting. The actual rates of workplace or commuting violence may not be happening as often as violence in the home, but it may cause bigger changes in behavior.

Unflattering reasons why I'm attracted to EA

Upvoting for honesty on under-the-surface things!

Power dynamics between people in EA

Good point! I think of this thing as "cred" - for example I've never been a manager, but I'm the longest-serving member of staff at CEA and have cred of various kinds that's not related to my formal role in the organization. So I should think about how to use that responsibly.

What is the difference between the San Francisco and Washington DC EAGs?

Even if the content of talks is fairly similar at the EA Globals in different cities, the vibe among attendees tends to be different. In SF there will be more people in tech, more in AI safety, more people involved in niche subcultures. There hasn't been an EA Global in DC yet, but I'm guessing the attendees will have more people in policy work and academia, with a more mainstream cultural vibe.

Tentative Reasons You Might Be Underrating Having Kids

I'm writing about this kind of thing on my blog: https://juliawise.net/category/children-and-parenting/ I'm hoping to do some interviews with EAs about their choice to have or not have children and what led them there. I'd be excited to see more work here by others, too!

Tentative Reasons You Might Be Underrating Having Kids

My gut-level feelings about the future changed, but it's not at all surprising to me that other parents like Abby had a different experience. I didn't mean to make a claim about what other people's experience was.

I agree with Abby that it's a mistake to read Caplan as meaning that parenting won't be hard. It will definitely be hard, especially in the early years. It just doesn't have to be quite as hard as current upper-middle-class US norms would have you think.

What share of British adults are vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian?

Interesting how "none of these" is more popular in younger brackets - I wonder if there's some other category people identify with, or just more into not picking existing categories on surveys or something?

EA will likely get more attention soon

It's definitely a bigger job than I can do on my own! As I said, staff at several organizations plus a communications advising firm are working on this.

We're also keeping an eye out for possible hires who are familiar with both media/communications work and EA. If that sounds like you, feel free to let me know (julia.wise@centreforeffectivealtruism.org) and I can let you know if we have a job posting.

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