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I'm a contact person for the effective altruism community: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/hYh6jKBsKXH8mWwtc/a-contact-person-for-the-ea-community

Please feel free to contact me at julia.wise@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

I work at CEA as a community liaison, trying to make the EA community stronger and more welcoming. I also serve on the board of GiveWell.

Besides effective altruism, I'm interested in folk dance and trying to keep up with my three children.


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I think there's not much room between feeling "these people are more established / more put together / more employed than me" and feeling "oh no, people have so many expectations of me, don't screw up!" from the people who are more established/funded etc. I'm sure there are people who are in some happy medium position, but I'm having trouble thinking of any off the top of my head!

Thanks for the info - wishing you the best! Minor question - how do you say the name?

It seems very plausible to me that EA should have more capacity on risk management. That question is one of the things this taskforce might dig into.

When I'm pointing people to career advising, is your one-on-one advising aimed mostly at early career people? At this point do you expect to take advisees who are mid- or late-career?

You note that it's not recommended for children. Seems worth noting there's some (but not good-quality) evidence that fasting isn't a good idea during pregnancy. Review of health outcomes from Ramadan fasting during pregnancy 

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I like the watch team backup concept. Basically a culture of double-checking without implying the other person is doing a bad job.

Hi Luke, thanks for the suggestions! I've changed the form to reflect that it's fine to list yourself, and added a place to put more info about the person's bio / skills.

The intention is very much to get in touch with expertise outside the community - I've added a bit to make that clearer.

I'm happy to have a default plan of announcing who's on the task force after that's finalized, unless someone actively doesn't want to be identified.

It implies that Will and Toby believe that preventing the creation of a happy person is as bad as killing them. I think that's pretty unlikely, because most people who value future lives think murdering an existing person is a lot worse than not creating a life.

>I'm not sure supporters of non-person-affecting views would endorse this exact claim

I'd put it more strongly - I think the original comment puts words in people's mouths that I don't think they mean at all. 

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