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4Dewi Erwan6d
Cool, thanks Lizka and the Forum team! If you click "New Post" in the subforum, does that post also appear on the Frontpage? My assumption is yes, but just wanted to clarify.
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It would be useful to add some info text boxes for those because I don't think it would be intuitive that the post / threads have different rules. 

By Johannes Ackva, Violet Buxton-Walsh, and Luisa Sandkühler

These posts were originally written for the Founders Pledge Blog so the style is a bit different (e.g. less technical, less hedging language) than for typical EA Forum posts. We...

Prior to the FTX debacle, we could have reasonably disagreed on how much to emphasize earning to give as a career path. I personally thought earning to give was underemphasized as a career path (by the community...

Posted this early, so excuse any notifications.

instead cultivate talent that are so dedicated to EA that they're willing to do altruistic work for very little money.

As someone who is working at an EA org for free,  I don't agree with this.

I come from a background of non-EA youth advocacy for multiple cause areas, including education, climate change and animal rights. I have had so many good co-founders go into non impact-focused, high paying roles like consulting because they don't get paid anywhere near the value they provide.

If you want good talent ... (read more)

What percent of expenses in various cause areas are for professional staff in high-income countries?
My update from a case of fraud isn't that money can't be made ethically. This isn't to dismiss the possibility of value drift etc, which we should take even more seriously than we have been. Having said that , a few things: 1. I generally am in favor of moving away from a vibes/patronage based community to a more meritocratic professional-ish group. And the approach you suggested (ie not paying people well) doesn't make it easy to hire people from the "outside world" whom we have a lot to learn from (like hmm corporate governance maybe? or accounting?)I think it'll also make the diversity problem significantly worse - and continue selecting for privileged folks who can afford to actually do the work "purely altruistically" 2. Also, there are a bunch of ways in which labor can't substitute for capital. I work in biosecurity and it seems like we can do significantly fewer things now , especially magaporjects that involve significant brick and mortar infrastructure. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point down the road, AI Safety also requires significant spend on compute/data., not to say anything of the myriad neartermist stuff that's almost infinitely scalable. In general, my update is from the situation is more : we need money but we also need better ops , more interfacing with the real world, better corporate governance and generally fewer incentuousy lookign orgs.

By Johannes Ackva

These posts were originally written for the Founders Pledge Blog so the style is a bit different (e.g. less technical, less hedging language) than for typical EA Forum posts. We add some light edits in...

Scott Alexander writes:

"The past year has been a terrible time to be a charitable funder, since FTX ate every opportunity so quickly that everyone else had trouble finding good not-yet-funded projects. But right now is a great...

Open Phil is accepting applications from impacted FTX grantees (see our post here), and we’ve been giving donors the option to either contribute to that effort (effectively funging us), or to request that we forward particular kinds of applications to them (with the applicants’ permission). If you’re a 6-figure-or-more donor and are interested in either of the two, you can reach out to us at inquiries@openphilanthropy.org. (Note that we may have to prioritize earlier/larger donors if we get a large volume of requests.)

One thing to consider: it is possible that the ultimate real-world effect of a donation to certain organizations would be increasing the funds flowing back to the FTX bankruptcy estate rather than furthering the donor's charitable intent. For one, donating any significant funds could increase the organization's profile as a clawback target. Two, some organizations may need to close down whether you provide some additional funding or not. Three, some organizations could benefit from the cleansing waters of bankruptcy themselves (or settling any FTX claims first) before being infused with new money. Finally, if you want to donate to an organization with serious clawback risk, you may want to think about ways to structure that donation to minimize creditor risk. All of this is based on my view that prospective donors have no ethical obligations to FTX victims. Your mileage may vary if you hold a different view.

This post sets out the Happier Lives Institute’s charity recommendation for 2022, how we got here, and what’s next. We provide a summary first, followed by a more detailed version.


  • HLI’s charity recommendation for 2022 is StrongMinds, a non-profit
Right, our concern is that if this bias exists, it is stronger for one intervention than another. E.g., say psychotherapy is more susceptible than cash transfers. If the bias is balanced across both interventions, then again, not as much of an issue. I'm wondering if this bias your concerned with would be captured by a "placebo" arm of an RCT. Imagine a control group that receives an intervention that we think has no to little effect. If you expect any intervention to activate this "future hope" bias, then we could potentially estimate the extent of this bias with more trials including three arms: a placebo, a receive nothing, and an intervention arm. Do you have any ideas on how to elicit this bias experimentally? Could we instruct interviewers to, for a subsample of the people in a trial, explicit something like "any future assistance [ will / will not] depend on the benefit this intervention provided." Anything verbal like this would be cheapest to test.

Hi Joel - Nice one again

"Right, our concern is that if this bias exists, it is stronger for one intervention than another. E.g., say  psychotherapy is more susceptible than cash transfers. If the bias is balanced across both interventions, then again, not as much of an issue."

I would have thought the major concern would have been if the bias existed at all, rather than whether it balanced between interventions. Both StrongMinds evidence assessing their own program and most of the studies used in your WELLBY analysis are NOT vs. another intervention, b... (read more)

In April when we released my interview with SBF, I attempted to very quickly explain his views on expected value and risk aversion for the episode description, but unfortunately did so in a way that was both...

Overall I think I screwed up a bunch about this episode. If you were inclined to think that the content of these interviews is reliable the great majority of the time, then this is a helpful reminder that ideas are sometimes garbled on the show — and if something sounds wrong to you, it might well just be because it's wrong. I'm sorry about that, and we try to keep it at reasonable levels, though with the format we have we'll never get it to zero.

FWIW I've generally assumed that the content in those interviews are wrong pretty often, certainly I'd expect t... (read more)

Rob, Thanks, I appreciated this response. I have a few thoughts but I don't want the focus on pushbacks to give the impression I think negatively of what you said-I think overall it was a positive update. It's also easier for me to sit and push back and say things that just sound like hindsight bias, but I'm erring on the side of sharing them because I'm taking you at face value RE: these being views you have already held for as long as you recall. As you allude to below, I think it's really hard in a podcast setting to cover all the nuances and be super precise with language, and I think that's understandable. OTOH, from the 2020 EA survey: "more than half (50.7%) of respondents cited 80,000 Hours as important for them getting involved in EA." 80,000 hours is one of the most public facing EA organizations, and what 80,000 hours publishes will often be seen as "what EA thinks", and I think one initial reaction when this happened was something like "Maybe 80,000 hours don't really take that seriously enough" or something (the pushback Ben received online when tweeting the climate change problem profile was another example of how these kinds of public facing concerns seemed to be underrated, especially because the tweet was later deleted) and I hope this will be considered more seriously when deciding what (if any) changes are appropriate going forward. Another point: it seems a little weird to say the blog post gets away with less scrutiny because the interview provides more subtlety and then not actually provide more subtlety in the interview, which is I think what happened here? Like if you can't explore the nuance during the podcast because of the podcast format, that's understandable, but it doesn't seem reasonable to then also say that you don't cover it in the accompanying blog post because you intend for the subtlety to be covered in the podcast. It's also not like you're deciding about whether to include layer 5 and 6 of the nuance, but whether to include a

What do you think of ACE's recent recommendations?

Giving What We Can is looking to build more of an 'institutional view' on various aspects of effective giving. Something we've recently decided to more explicitly push for is donating via a fund. I'm cross-posting our page...

Thanks for the reply Michael.

I just wanted to note that I didn’t want to imply or recommend that the fund managers should be payed but rather that there is a reason fund managers are payed. I think this reason was somewhat neglected in the post. I think more of an argument / investigation would be helpful to understand why / find out if the current arrangement is well-thought out.

I think my main concern is that funds tend to centralize funding pretty strongly and this can have positive but also negative consequences in certain situations. Imagine a corrupt... (read more)

This post is about GWWC's research plans for next year; for our giving recommendations this giving season please see this post and for our other activities see this post.

The public effective giving ecosystem now consists of over 40...

7Hendrik Broering9d
Given the current state of evaluators, it seems like a good initiative! A related thought I had: I wonder how it could be set up so that we do not end up in a "turtles all the way down" situation, where we have an infinite number of evaluators, evaluating other evaluators, evaluating other evaluators... ad infinitum. At the end of the day, the public will need to TRUST one evaluator.
3Jesus de Sivar9d
If OP is interested in volunteers, I can volunteer as well. I'm not an American but I'm a trained economist and have limited experience in research.

Thank you both for offering to help! I'm not yet clear on whether it'll make sense to work with volunteers on this, but it is certainly something we'll consider. Could you please indicate your interest by filling out this form? (select "skilled volunteering"-->"impact analysis and evaluation")

Conditional on fundraising for GWWC's 2023 budget, we'll very likely hire an extra researcher to work on this early next year. If this is something you'd be interested in as well, please do feel free to reach out at sjir@givingwhatwecan.org and I'll let you know once the position opens up for applications.

Note: This text is a summary of Giving Green webpage 2022 updates to Giving Green's approach and recommendations, and has been edited for brevity and target audience.


  • What is Giving Green? Giving Green is a guide for

This post[1] is intended as an open thread for anyone to share where you donated or plan to donate in 2022, and why

I encourage you to share regardless of how small or large a donation you’re making! And you...

Answer by splinterNov 30, 20229

I'm donating 10% of my pre-tax income this year, and most of it will be distributed to the usual suspects identified by GiveWell, Happier Lives Institute, and Animal Charity Evaluators. A small amount will be reserved for some local charities whose work I am familiar with. 

What I would love some advice on is ways to donate to Ukraine. There is probably no way to really know the effectiveness of any donations to Ukraine, but in general I think supporting the norm of respect for national sovereignty is actually quite important, apart from the (also quite important) humanitarian considerations. Does anyone have any thoughts?

3Devon Fritz4d
Hey Vasco, thanks for the well thought out response. I love the compromise - I think having more grantmakers (with different, but still strong EA perspectives) is a great way to go.

In a post in October, I outlined my thoughts at the time regarding where I'll make my end-of-year donation. In there, I noted that while I think that many cause areas that fall under "longtermism" are likely very important, the significant funding...

I gave 50% of my 1st-year doctor's salary to charity last year. This was mostly to GiveWell-recommended and The Life You Can Save-recommended charities. The largest share went to Innovations For Poverty Action, a global development research...

Thank you for donating 50% of your income Henry. You could have gone on a holiday or bought something fancy for yourself but you have chosen to help others in need instead. It's admirable.

A simple yet inspiring post, much like the good work that you have wrought. Good job Henry!

We would like to inform the EA community about our current giving campaign and ask you  to support our political advocacy for animals in Switzerland. If you’re not in Switzerland, please don’t click away. We have reason...

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Senior Research Manager @ Rethink Priorities; also guest fund manager @ the EA Infrastructure Fund
Oxford, UK

I’m Michael Aird, a Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities and guest fund manager at the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. Opinions expressed are my own. See here for Rethink Priorities' job openings or expression of interest forms, here for a list of EA-aligned funding sources you could apply to,  and here for my top recommended resources for people interested in EA/longtermist research careers. You can give me anonymous feedback here.

With Rethink, I'm mostly focused on co-leading our AI Governance & Strategy team. I also do some nuclear risk research, give input on Rethink's Generalist Longtermism team's work, and do random other stuff.

Previously, I did a range of longtermism-y and research-y things as a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, a Summer Research Fellow at the Center on Long-Term Risk, and a Researcher/Writer for Convergence Analysis

I also post to LessWrong sometimes.

If you think you or I could benefit from us talking, feel free to message me! You might also want to check out my post "Interested in EA/longtermist research careers? Here are my top recommended resources".

Boston, MA, USA

I'm a contact person for the effective altruism community: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/hYh6jKBsKXH8mWwtc/a-contact-person-for-the-ea-community

Please feel free to contact me at julia.wise@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

I work at CEA as a community liaison, trying to make the EA community stronger and more welcoming. I also serve on the board of GiveWell.

Besides effective altruism, I'm interested in folk dance and trying to keep up with my three children.

Head of Forecasting @ Zeitgeist
London, UK

Create prediction markets and forecasting questions on AI risk and biorisk. I have been awarded an FTX Future Fund grant and I work part-time at a prediction market.

Use my connections on Twitter to raise the profile of these predictions and increase the chance that decision-makers discuss these issues.

I am uncertain about how to run an org for my FTXFF grant and whether prediction markets will be a good indicator in practice.

How I can help others

Connecting them to other EAs.

Writing forecasting questions on metaculus.

Talking to them about forecasting.

Content Specialist @ Centre for Effective Altruism

I run the non-engineering side of the EA Forum (this platform), run the EA Newsletter, and work on some other content-related tasks at CEA. Please feel free to reach out! You can email me. [More about my job.]

Some of my favorite of my own posts:

I finished my undergraduate studies with a double major in mathematics and comparative literature in 2021. I was a research fellow at Rethink Priorities in the summer of 2021 and was then hired by the Events Team at CEA. I've since switched to the Online Team. In the past, I've also done some (math) research and worked at Canada/USA Mathcamp.

Some links I think people should see more frequently:

Associate researcher, animal welfare @ Rethink Priorities

Associate researcher in animal welfare at Rethink Priorities. Writing on behalf of myself only.

Also interested in global priorities research and reducing s-risks.

My background is mostly in pure math, computer science and deep learning, but also some in statistics/econometrics and agricultural economics.

I'm a suffering-focused moral antirealist.

My shortform.

Reno, NV, USA

Head of Online (EA Forum, effectivealtruism.org, Virtual Programs) at CEA. Non-EA interests include chess and TikTok (@benthamite). We are probably hiring: https://www.centreforeffectivealtruism.org/careers

Product Manager @ Momentum
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I currenty work on Product at Momentum. 

I'm a community builder based in the Bay. I previously worked in consulting, recruiting and marketing and have a BA in Sociology and focused on social movement theory and structural functionalism.

/'vɛðehi/ or VEH-they-hee

How I can help others

I can give feedback on meta EA project plans and career advising

Machine Learning Engineer @ PayPal
New York, NY, USA

I'm a machine learning engineer on a team at PayPal that develops algorithms for personalized donation recommendations (among other things). Before this, I studied computer science at Cornell University. I also manage the Effective Public Interest Computing Slack (join here).

Obligatory disclaimer: My content on the Forum represents my opinions alone and not those of PayPal.

I also offer copyediting and formatting services to members of the EA community for $15-35 per page, depending on the client's ability to pay. DM me for details.

I'm also interested in effective altruism and longtermism broadly. The topics I'm interested in change over time; they include existential risks, climate change, wild animal welfare, alternative proteins, and longtermist global development.

A comment I've written about my EA origin story

Pronouns: she/her, ella, 她, 彼女


"It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If we take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations will help you become whole." —Uncle Iroh

Forest Lodge NSW 2037, Australia

Executive director at Giving What We Can and board member Effective Altruism Australia

Executive Director @ Centre for Effective Altruism
Oxford, UK

I lead the Centre for Effective Altruism, an organization that is trying to support the EA community in order to create a radically better world. I set our overall strategy, hire people to further in our work, and manage and empower the leadership team.

I used to be a moderator here, and helped to launch the new version of the Forum in 2018. Before that I studied economics, did some mediocre global priorities research, and helped to set up an early version of EA Funds.

Feel free to reach out if you think I might be able to help you. Follow the links to give (anonymous) feedback to me or CEA.

How I can help others
  • I might be able to help you talk through issues you're facing relating to management, and I can point you towards some good resources if you're new to management.
  • I might be able to fix issues you see in CEA's work.
Community Director @ Effective Altruism UK

Community Organiser for EA UK- https://www.effectivealtruism.uk

Monthly Overload of EA - https://moea.substack.com/

How I can help others

If you're thinking about being a community organiser or are currently organising an EA related group then I'd be happy to share ideas on strategy and community building.

I've been an organiser with EA UK since 2015, working part time since 2017 and full time since 2019. I've also had conversations with people setting up groups around the world and also career, cause, interest and workplace related groups.

I have also had quite a few career 1-1s with people in the UK and could be a good sounding board if you had career/project questions.

Monson, MA, USA


I am a Senior Economist at Rethink Priorities (https://www.rethinkpriorities.org/our-team), previously an Economics lecturer/professor for 15 years

I'm working to impact EA fundraising and marketing; see https://bit.ly/eamtt

And projects bridging EA, academia, and open science (esp. the 'Unjournal') ... see bit.ly/eaprojects

My previous and ongoing research focuses on determinants and motivators of charitable giving (propensity, amounts, and 'to which cause?'), and drivers of/barriers to effective giving, as well as the impact of pro-social behavior and social preferences on market contexts.

Podcasts: "Found in the Struce" https://anchor.fm/david-reinstein

and the EA Forum podcast: https://anchor.fm/ea-forum-podcast (co-founder, regular reader)

Twitter: @givingtools

Currently doing social movement and protest-related research at Social Change Lab, an EA-aligned research organisation I've recently started.

Previously, I completed the 2021 Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program. Before that, I was the Director & Strategy lead at Animal Rebellion + in the Strategy team at Extinction Rebellion UK, working on movement building for animal advocacy and climate change.

My blog (often EA related content)

Feel free to reach out on james.ozden [at] hotmail.com or see a bit more about me here

Space Systems Engineer @ https://www.xonaspace.com/pulsar
Fort Collins, CO, USA

Engineer working on next-gen satellite navigation at Xona Space Systems. I write about effective-altruist and longtermist topics at nukazaria.substack.com, or you can read about videogames like Braid and The Witness at jacksonw.xyz

Co-Organizer @ Effective Altruism Austin
Austin, TX, USA

Co-Organizer @ Effective Altruism Austin

You can send me a message anonymously here: https://www.admonymous.co/will

Research Scholar @ Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford, UK

Research scholar @ FHI and assistant to Toby Ord. Philosophy student before that. I do a podcast about EA called Hear This Idea.



Summer 2022 Research Intern @ Center for Human-Compatible AI
Berkeley, CA, USA

Hello, I'm Michael! I first learned about effective altruism from reading 80,000 Hours back in middle school, sometime after my brother (an avid reader of fanfiction) recommended to me Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I co-founded EA at Georgia Tech in April 2021 and was a Summer 2022 research intern at the Center for Human-Compatible AI.

@ Chaotic Good

“In the day I would be reminded of those men and women,
Brave, setting up signals across vast distances,
Considering a nameless way of living, of almost unimagined values.”

Software Developer
20025 Legnano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


Currently (Oct 2022) mostly doing translations and community building in Italy, and some web development consulting part-time.

I'm also a forum mod, which, shamelessly stealing from Edo, "mostly means that I care about this forum and about you! So let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

Please have a very low bar for reaching out!

Used to be a Software Developer donating most of my income, and won the 2022 donor lottery, happy to chat about that as well

Executive Director @ One for the World
Müllerstraße 138D, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Executive Director at One for the World; chair of trustees at High Impact Athletes.

Researcher @ Giving What We Can
Seaforth NSW 2092, Australia

Researcher at Giving What We Can.

Research associate @ ALLFED
Lisbon, Portugal

Broadly interested in AI governance (research, policy, and strategy), longtermist research, and EA strategy/prioritisation.

My blog: https://www.hazell.substack.com

MSc student in Social Science of the Internet @ University of Oxford

Previous: Content & Research Associate @ Giving What We Can

Current: Summer Research Fellow @ GovAI


Product Manager @ Centre for Effective Altruism
London, UK

I'm (Ben) Clifford. I work as a Product Manager for the Centre for Effective Altruism.

I first got involved in EA in 2011 when I started the GWWC chapter at the University of Warwick. Since I worked for GWWC, was a software developer, an early employee at Founders Pledge and started a workplace giving startup.

How I can help others

I can likely connect you to people or talk about my experience community building and pitching EA at Founders Pledge, running a very early stage employee giving startup at Tyve and doing Product Management.

Founder @ Altruistic Agency
Brussels, Belgium
How I can help others

I'm an experienced software engineer with a focus on full-stack web development and have worked with websites for 15+ years. Anyone who needs anything related to that are welcome to chat, and it's also what my organisation Altruistic Agency offers for free.

Cofounder @ Manifold Markets
San Francisco, CA, USA

Hey there~ I'm Austin, currently building https://manifold.markets. Always happy to meet people; reach out at akrolsmir@gmail.com, or find a time on https://calendly.com/austinchen/manifold !

I'm a stock market speculator who has been involved in transhumanist and related communities for a long time. See my website at http://bayesianinvestor.com.

10967 Berlin, Germany

Co-Founder of High Impact Professionals. We enable working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in donating their time, skills and resources effectively.

Ex-CTO and MD of Germany for Founders Pledge. Big on promoting Effective Giving.

Originally from New York, living in Berlin.

Doctor from NZ, now doing Global Health & Development Research @ Rethink Priorities, but interested and curious about most EA topics.

Outside of RP work, I spend some time doing independent "grand futures"/ GPR research (Anders Sandberg/BERI) and very sporadic grantmaking (EAIF). Also looking to re-engage with UN processes for OCA/Summit of the Future.

Feel free to reach out if you think there's anything I can do to help you or your work, or if you have any Qs about Rethink Priorities! If you're a medical student / junior doctor reconsidering your clinical future, or if you're quite new to EA / feel uncertain about how you fit in the EA space, have an especially low bar for reaching out.

Outside of EA, I do a bit of end of life care research and climate change advocacy, and outside of work I enjoy some casual basketball, board games and good indie films. (Very) washed up classical violinist and oly-lifter.

All comments in personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

Bethnal Green, London, UK

How I can help others

Happy to chat about my experience in quant trading, living in Chicago/London

Aerospace Engineer
Silver Spring, MD, USA

I've been a lightly-involved EA for several years now,  having taken the path of working as an aerospace engineer and donating a portion of my income. I'm interested in getting more deeply involved in the  EA community and in contributing to some of the big ongoing discussions in the movement. I'm fairly cause-agnostic, but I especially enjoy discussing farmed animal welfare and the nitty-gritty details of global health and development work. 

I'm the executive director of The Center for Election Science (www.electionscience.org). We study and advance better voting methods. I also started Male Contraceptive Initiative but am no longer there. I first learned about EA in 2016 and went to my first EA event in 2017. My formal education is in the social sciences and law. You can find my writing and resources at www.aaronhamlin.com. Also at: https://twitter.com/aaronfhamlin, https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronhamlin

Galindo, Austin, TX 78704, USA
Melbourne VIC, Australia

Head of Marketing at Giving What We Can

grace.adams @ givingwhatwecan.org

Content creator / YouTuber @ A Happier World

I work as Software Tester and donate a part of my income.

I got into EA in 2012.

Executive Director @ BlueDot Impact
Cambridge, UK
Co-founder and president @ Ayuda Efectiva
Madrid, Spain

Pablo Melchor, co-founder and president at Ayuda Efectiva. Co-founded EA Spain.

Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia

I'm a doctor in Australia interested in doing the most good that I can.


Proponent of Earning to Give. Skeptical of longtermism.

My name is Megan Jamer. I live in Canada, and I like to spend time outdoors. I work at Rethink Charity (mainly on RC Forward and EA Giving Tuesday) and at ALLFED. My work is primarily on communications projects, but I also do a bit of operations work.

Product Manager

I'm a product manager at CEA. Previously I spent 8 years as a software engineer and product manager in healthcare tech.

Researcher @ Rethink Priorities

I'm Renan Araujo, a Researcher at Rethink Priorities.

I work in the General Longtermism team, where my primary focus involves making sense of how to prioritize among megaprojects and how to operationalize them. Currently (Nov 22), my work leads me to think about scalable movement building in LMIC, which I've been doing with a focus on Brazil and Latin America through Condor Camp.

Previously, I worked as a predoctoral research fellow at the Legal Priorities Project. There, I look into how constitutions protect future generations, what research should be done in space governance, and how extortion law may help reduce s-risks.

In a previous life, I considered following an academic career in criminology, did a master's in criminal justice policy at LSE, led a criminal justice reform volunteer group in Brazil, and earned a law degree.

You can reach out to me through my personal page and my LinkedIn. I'm happy to have 1-1s about various subjects, from career advice to space governance :)

Andy is a software engineer donating to long term future and EA meta causes, and investing to give later.

Program Manager @ Centre for Effective Altruism

I am the program manager for the CEA Online team (the group that runs this Forum), which means I do a bit of everything - operations, analysis, support, and anything else that needs doing.  This is my first role in an EA org, and I am new(ish) to EA, so I am keen to meet as many people as I can!  Email me or message me through the Forum, I'll be happy to connect.

I am joining the CEA team from a fintech where I held roles in product management, corporate strategy, and operations, and I spent some obligatory time as a strategy consultant before that.  I also graduated with a degree in cognitive neuroscience which I've never been able to put to practical use but still find fascinating.

IT Manager @ Anima International

Hi, call me Rahela. I'm working in Anima International, as IT manager. In free time I write my personal blog about animals, effective helping, ethics and life on the countryside. I also host a podcast about similar topics. You can find me here https://calkiemnudnezycie.pl/

How I can help others

Reach out to me if you have questions about our work in IT in Anima International, sometimes we can help and give ready solutions. 

I'm a third year undergrad in cognitive science; currently testing out research in psychology (AI and aesthetics) and philosophy (social epistemology); very keen to dive deeper into forecasting in the future. 

Feel free to reach out via dm!

Founder/CEO @ Momentum
San Francisco, CA, USA

Founder & CEO at Momentum

Events Associate @ Centre for Effective Altruism
Oxford, UK

Events Associate - Centre for Effective Altruism

Academic background: BE(Hons) ChemE, BSc Physics, Chemistry.

Career background:

  • Research science & engineering, product development, project management, quality systems.
  • Helped build and support the EA community across NZ and Australia on an EAIF Grant (2021-2022).

Hobbies: Perfumery (elemental-essences.com), bouldering/climbing, fire-dancing, chess and strategy board games

Self-proclaimed generalist

Let's meet! https://usemotion.com/meet/ivan-burduk/meeting 

FTX Future Fund exploratory grantee based in Kuala Lumpur, spending a year trying to find an EA-related job. Previously I spent 6 years doing data analytics, business intelligence and knowledge + project management in various industries (airlines, ecommerce) and departments (commercial, marketing), after majoring in physics at UCLA. 

I've been at the periphery of EA for a long time; my introduction to it in 2014 was via the dead children as unit of currency essay, I started donating shortly thereafter, and I've been "soft-selling" basic EA ideas for years. But I only started actively participating in the community in 2021, when I joined EA Malaysia. Given my career background it perhaps makes sense that my interests center around improving assessment of altruistic impact, and improving decision-making based on that: estimation of value, cost-effectiveness analysis, local priorities research, etc. 

Software Engineer @ Centre for Effective Altruism
London, UK

I'm a developer on the EA Forum (the website you are currently on). You can contact me about forum stuff at will.howard@centreforeffectivealtruism.org or about anything else at w.howard256@gmail.com

Leiden, Netherlands
Davos, Switzerland

Software Engineer working on Giving What We Can, EA Funds & GivingMultiplier.org

@ Ayuda Efectiva
Hamburg, Germany
🎯 Open for Operations /BizDev
San Francisco, CA, USA

I’m passionate about supporting work in AI Research, Climate Change, GPR, and GHD. To help develop these areas, I’m seeking roles in Operations and BizDev as I believe my experience and value alignment will bring a direct impact to longtermism.
5 years of experience in business analytics, digital marketing, and hotel operations by helping orgs accelerate product growth through market research, user engagement analysis, and system building. My superpower is my global-mindedness. My multi-national background spans Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, and the US, and it has rendered me culturally knowledgeable, quick to adapt to new environments, and a creative problem-solving approach.

  • I’m the San Francisco part-time event organizer and community builder
  • I’m the Giving What We Can pledge member and their event planner volunteer for GWWC Meetups
How I can help others

I'm passionate about adding value and helping people to have a more positive impact in whatever they are doing. Please contact me if you think I can be helpful! 

I'm resourceful with tips for EA community building and event organizing, especially interested in brainstorming new project ideas, reliable as an accountability partner, helpful in providing emotional/mental support. People tend to reach out to me for honest advice, feedback, and positive criticism on their next "crazy thing" on the list.

Founder and Project Lead @ GWWC Charity Elections program

Graduate student in school psychology

Events Associate (EA Global Team) @ Centre for Effective Altruism
Berkeley, CA, USA

Hi!  👋🏼  I help to run EA Globals as part of the Centre for Effective Altruism :) We often have a bunch of events coming up – here's the link to apply! In a past life, I did data analytics for lawyers at an economic consulting firm.

I'm always keen to hear from new people, especially if you have feedback or suggestions about EA Global! You can reach me via my EA Forum DMs, or at angelina [dot] li [at] centreforeffectivealtruism [dot] org if you ever want to get in touch.

Doctor @ National Health Service

I currently work as a doctor near Manchester, England.

Right now, I'm working on completing my Foundation training and deciding what I want to do with the rest of my career.

I've been involved with EA through volunteering and working for One for the World, attending EAG 2022, the Cause Innovation Bootcamp, the Hi-Med fellowship, and (most importantly) my GWWC pledge to GiveDirectly. 

Berlin, Deutschland

Felix works as a business consultant (earn to give) and lives in Berlin, Germany. Mainly interested in animal welfare and nuclear security. Member of the EA & Consulting Network. Academic background in mathematics and political science. Worked as journalist before. LinkedIn article about his donations: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/doing-good-consultant-felix-werdermann/

Software Engineer @ Centre for Effective Altruism
Oxford, UK

Web developer at the Centre for Effective Altruism primarily focusing on the EA forum. I previously worked in chess programming, and before that as a musician and music teacher. Aside from EA, my interests include Rachmaninoff, Star Trek and the Evans gambit.