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[Formerly the EA Hotel]

Centre for Enabling EA Learning & Research (Blackpool, UK)



We are hiring for a full-time Operations Manager, please share with anyone you think may be interested: https://ceealar.org/job-operations-manager

To start mid-late February. £31,286 – £35,457 per year (full time, 40 hours a week).


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We did put a fair bit of thinking into it! Open to suggestions, but they will have to be quick (our reapplication to the Charity Commission has been considerably delayed already. Note that the lawyer we consulted about our application liked the name).

Using the word "Hotel" is problematic as it's generally too associated with "for-profit" unfortunately. The other ideas you mention seem too generic; "Enabling EA Learning & Research" is a very concise summary of what we actually do. We didn't come up with anything better that was a pronounceable acronym.

The main reason for the change is to make it immediately obvious that we are a non-profit. The building is still called the Athena Hotel.

Re: "water wars". That article is from 2009. Since then there has been Syria.

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