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We’re running applications to build two EAGx teams for events later this year:

  • EAGxBerkeley will take place 7–8 September at Lighthaven. Apply here to join the team.
  • We’re planning on running EAGxIndia in October in Bangalore. Apply here to join the team.

The application for each event takes 15 minutes and the deadline is Friday April 26th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We encourage you to apply ASAP, as we will review applications on a rolling basis.

About the conferences

Please see this post for more about the EAGx conference series. The application to express interest in running an event in your area is still open!

EAGxIndia 2024

This will be the second EAGx conference in India, following a very well-received inaugural event in Jaipur in January 2023. We are aiming to support local organizers in hosting EAGxIndia 2024 in Bangalore this October. 

We expect to grow the event size to 200-300 attendees; the event will primarily be aimed at community members and EA-aligned organizations based in India, though we also intend to invite attendees from other countries and EA-adjacent Indian organizations that might contribute to and benefit from attending the conference. 

This event will build on the knowledge and successes of last year’s event; where the first Indian conference emphasized introductory content and kickstarting local community building, EAGxIndia 2024 will aim to balance accessibility with higher-context EA material.

EAGxBerkeley 2024

We are excited to announce that the third EAGxBerkeley will be held at Lighthaven on September 7th and 8th. This will be the second Bay Area EA conference this year, after EA Global: Bay Area (Global Catastrophic Risks) in February; this event welcomes effective altruists working on, studying, and interested in all cause areas. EAGxBerkeley ‘24 intends to bring together ~500 attendees from the U.S. West Coast and beyond and resource them through networking, workshops, presentations, small group gatherings, an opportunities fair, and more.

About the organizer roles

Detailed job descriptions can be found here for EAGxIndia and here for EAGxBerkeley. Responsibilities are typically divided into Team Lead, Production, Admissions, Content, and Volunteer Coordination. As noted in the full descriptions, EAGx teams can vary in composition according to members’ specific availability, strengths, and interests, so teams can distribute tasks as best suited for their members.

Additionally, each role may have significant variability in expected time commitments. In most cases, roles will require much less time in the months preceding the conference (anywhere between 2–15 hours per week), ramping up to 20–40+ hours per week as the conference approaches.

This flexibility in role responsibilities and time investment means we are interested in hearing from a wide range of applicants! The following elements are likely to apply to all candidates:

  • Familiarity with the effective altruism community, and a passion for promoting its principles.
  • Excellent organizational abilities with the capacity to handle multiple tasks and prioritize effectively under tight deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the capability to communicate effectively across various groups and stakeholders.
  • (Bonus) Experience in event planning or logistics, preferably with large-scale events or conferences; experience with Salesforce or other CRM tools.
  • (Bonus) Previous attendance and/or volunteer service at other EAG(x) events; understanding and enthusiasm for the EAG(x) conference format.

Role logistics

  • Pay: All positions are contractor roles paid hourly. Compensation starts at $38/hour for EAGxBerkeley roles and £15/hour for EAGxIndia roles, and are open to higher for strong candidates.
  • Location: Pre-conference organizing work is usually conducted remotely, but we prefer to have people based near the event locations or in similar time zones for better coordination. It is expected that all core organizers be available in person for the week of the conference.
  • Recruitment timeline (extended): 
    1. Complete application form by May 10 (IndiaBerkeley)
    2. We will reach out for an interview, and potentially have you complete a work test between May 13 and May 16
    3. Offers made by May 24
    4. Role start date varies depending on position


If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment or email me at arthur@eaglobalx.org





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I'm very excited to see a new team to lead the next EAGx in India. As co-lead of the previous iteration, for any potential applicants, I'd like to share some bits from my experience. I think the most rewarding bit of the entire organising experience is the opportunity to enable and catalyse a young nascent community towards action, and explore the potential of all the things it can lead to. On a personal level, I got to work with amazing people (including CEA's events team, especially @Ollie Base) and all of us stood by each other through some tough times, I got to experience what it's like to take hard decisions when stakes are high, the rush and simultaneously the feeling of months of effort unfolding before your eyes. It's a lovely feeling :)

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