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Considering it’s EAF's marginal funding week (starting tomorrow!), I’m curious on how you plan to use additional donations. It's nice to see that you've started thinking about the rest of the FY and listed 3 points of focus -- but will those happen with or without my donation? And what would happen if you don't reach the £280k shortfall fundraising target? 

Why should someone donate to The Humane League UK (THL UK) instead of The Humane League (THL)?

Yes, I did see that the linked newsletter contains information. But that wasn't my point, I was trying to articulate that I believe the actual body copy of a post should have information that is reflective of the post title (and ideally helpful). 

It sounds like we also have differ in how we want an EA Forum post to be presented. I would expect that if one wants to help people acheive a work-life balance by giving them helpful information, then they would have the info presented in an easy-to-read way in the actual EAF post. I think that would be particularly relevant considering many of the tips in the newsletter are repetitive. Quick hack might be to toss the newsletter copy into GPT, churning out a short summary in form of bulleted list so you don't have to struggle with formatting. If that is still too much of a hassle, then maybe it would be more appropriate for your newsletter link to be a Quick Take instead of a post? 

I just really appreciate the EAF and want to encourage healthy norms.

I think that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is really important, and I'm thankful that you (and the other folks) are thinking hard about how to help encourage that!

However I did downvote because this post feels sort of clickbaity. The post title says there are tips, but your post copy doesn't actually contain any. Also I think I've mentioned it before but I don't think everyone knows what EASE stands for, and it isn't explained in the post either. 

Notion pages can be published with a custom domain using https://super.so/ :)

Thanks for sharing. One quick comment: The post doesn't make it very clear what the acroynm "EASE" stands for. It might be helpful and more accessible if spelt out somewhere.

Congrats on the new role, it sounds like it took a lot of commitment to get there. As president, do you think you'll have more influence among members, local or international? I wonder if becoming involved could help others consider cause prioritization when selecting projects.

(I was a Kiwanis Junior member back in middle school. I remember doing literally random volunteering to meet the community service hour minimum.)

Hi Jessica, EAG attendee numbers are listed in CEA's public dashboard.

Hi Villafana. Sorry I missed this comment earlier! Hope to see you at one of our other upcoming discussion groups if you're local :) 

The goal of this discussion wasn't necessarily to determine if population growth is or isn't an issue (though lately I've seen more concern about declining replacement rates than overpopulation), but to better understanding why people in the EA community have considered population ethics and the different population-related tradeoffs that we might come across. 

You mention housing for homeless people -- that's a great example of a situation that would be helpful to consider from different viewpoints within population ethics. How does it affect the wellbeing of communities who receive this new population? Is it ethical to incentivize people to move into housing or is it undermining individual choice? Is this the best way to increase wellbeing for homeless people who might have different values and desires? (no need to answer these questions, its just an example of how one might try to develop a deeper understanding)

We have enough empty homes to provide every homeless person in the world with 8 and that number of empty homes is only growing, not due to disease - but suicide

Personally I haven't seen any data that shows an increase in available housing due to suicide deaths. I often fall back to Our World in Data, which shows the magnitude of deaths attributed to disease. These issues, such as mental and physical health, are often incredibly complex. 

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