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I’d like to devote my career to serving the world and its inhabitants. I’m interested in many EA topics in general and always happy to connect to like-minded and non-like minded individuals ;)


Thanks a lot HIP for this great initiative, if any of the grantees affected would like to do work in animal advocacy in particular please email us to see if we can advise on next steps at [sofia at] or via PM on the forum.

This is so exciting! I’m really happy that OP is investing in this. Very much looking forward to seeing all the translated content and the new community members that it will bring ☺️ Thanks so much for your work on this.

That makes sense, thanks. I wonder if the results they got were also influenced by some other practices, for example already looking in a place where there was less diversity, or advertising the job in a way that put a lot of more diverse candidates off, such as not including salary in the JD.

Hey Richard, thanks a lot for reading and for your valuable comment. 
Interesting note about the DEI vs equality of opportunity point, I haven't thought about it.

I still think that we should continue in-person conferences, all I'm saying is that we need to improve the quality of online conferences and also help people to travel to offline conferences and events more easily (this is not just an EA issue, all industries who host offline events have this problem due to COVID visa application delays - we don't know how long they will last).

I'm grateful that you pointed out the lack of evidence that removing IQ and maths tests won't affect the quality of hire. There is certainly a lot of debate about this issue and I think that significantly more research needs to be done into this. I quite like this article that looks like past and most recent studies and summarises the conclusion whether or not we should use IQ to predict job performance: 

There remains great uncertainty about the interpretation of IQ-job performance correlations and great caution needs to be exercised in using them as a basis for the validity of IQ tests and associated concepts.

Perhaps I should have been clearer when I argued this, as my main point is that due to the lack of high quality research and solid conclusions, we don't know if IQ is really a good predictor of high job performance or not. Some still use IQ-like tests anyway and it will have a flow-through effect of poorer decision making due to everyone in the team with the same background and way of thinking.

Hey Matti, thanks so much for reading and for your kind comment. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey Jeff, many thanks for reading and for your comment. That's very interesting and it's the first time I'm hearing about this. Do you know which orgs? 

Hey Guy, thanks for reading and for your comment. RP indeed have a lot of these practices (to my best knowledge). At the moment they are one of the exceptions though. I think that it's great that we have orgs who implement this and I'm looking forward to seeing some research and case studies on this.

Hey Nuno, thanks so much for reading and providing your thoughts on my suggestions in such depth - I enjoyed reading them and I really appreciate it! It brings a lot of value to the post as it provides multiple ways of thinking about these suggestions.

I think that your point about trade-offs for these things is very valid. The reason I wrote this post was that I felt that projects like these almost never make it to the top of the weighted factor models and other decision-making tools because their long-term value can be potentially underestimated, and that's why I propose that we do more research. 

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