Impactful Animal Advocacy is thrilled to announce that after careful consideration and complex moral calculations, we have decided to rebrand to Shrimpactful Animal Advocacy


Why shrimp, you ask? Well, we've crunched the numbers and determined that improving the welfare of shrimp is one of the highest-impact opportunities in the animal advocacy space.





In light of this strong evidence, Shrimpactful Animal Advocacy will be laser-focusing all of our efforts and resources on ending the suffering of our shrimpy friends. 

This includes revamping our programs to focus on our new mission. You'll soon be able to sign up for our revised Shrimpactful Animal Advocacy newsletter, attend our upcoming "Shrimp-osium" events, visit our Shrimp Hub resource center, and join our Shrimp Slack community to connect with fellow Shrimpactful Advocates. 

We call on all other organizations to join us in this:

  • Mercy for Animals → Mercy for Shrimp
  • The Humane League → The Shrimp League
  • Open Wing Alliance - Open Shrimp Alliance 
  • Shrimp Welfare Project  → Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp (3x as Shrimpactful!)
  • Fish Welfare Initiative → Shrimp Welfare Initiative (resistance very likely)
  • ProVeg International → ProShrimp International
  • Animal Advocacy Careers → Shrimp Advocacy Careers
  • Faunalytics → Shrimpalytics
  • Compassion in World Farming → Compassion in World Shrimping
  • The Good Food Institute → The Good Shrimp Institute
  • Vegan Outreach → Shrimp Outreach
  • Animal Ask → Shrimp Ask
  • Rethink Priorities → Reshrimp Priorities 
  • Open Philanthropy → Open Shrimp
  • The Life You Can Save → The Shrimps You Can Save
  • Magnify Mentoring → Shrimpify Mentoring
  • GiveWell → GiveWelltoShrimp
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine → Physicians Committee for Responsible Shrimp
  • Animal Charity Evaluators → Shrimp Charity Evaluators
  • 80,000 Hours → 80,000 6,800,000,000,000ish to 66,620,000,000,000 Shrimp[1]

The time to act is now. Post your other organizations that you nominate to join the Shrimp Alliance 🦐



Edits: Updated some of the names thanks to the helpful commenters below

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Are you sure you have the numbers right? 80,000 Shrimp doesn't sound like that many

You are absolutely right. I've adjusted the numbers in the post.

I was doing alright until the Shrimp Welfare Project rebranding, that one got me well :D

Naming What We Can is now officially* considering renaming itself Shrimping What We Can (or alternatively, Naming What We Shrimp).

*By "officially" I mean that I'm going to show one of the other co-founders a screenshot of this comment

Thank you for your devotion to the maximum utils!
Had to google Naming What We Can first... love it!

Thanks for catching that. I also saw there are a few (billion) more farmed shrimp to add in to those numbers. We have accordingly adjusted the post to convert estimates of [hours worked/human career] to [shrimps lost/year].

My antennae are waving with excitement. Big (larger than 20 cm) things are coming!

Shrimp Mentoring.
Shrimp of Humanity Institute.
Giving Shrimp We Can. 

The Shrimp of Humanity Institute shut down two days ago :(

Fortunately, its legacy lives on in the dozens of other longshrimpism organizations it helped to inspire.

It is pretty clear that the longer the shrimp, the higher the moral weight. Long live the long shrimp orgs

Effective Shrimps

Shrimpify Mentoring? Shrimping What We Can? Future of Shrimp Institute?

Oh, and we can't forget about 1FTS: One for the Shrimp.

One for the Shrimp is one of my favourites!! 

The Shrimp You Can Save

Actually, all EA orgs should just rename to "The Shrimps You Can Save"

I love "The Shrimp You Can Save". We need a new book from Peter Singer!! 

I'm very disappointed that Rethink Priorities has chosen to rebrand as Rethink Shrimp. I really think we should have gone with Reshrimp Priorities. That said, I will accept the outcome, whatever is deemed to be most effective, and in any case redouble my efforts to forecast timelines to the shrimp singularity.

Yeah.. I think I agree. We have thought and re-thought enough about shrimps and it is now the time to ACT! Will change it in the post.

Some 2nd edition book titles:

What We Owe to Shrimp
The Crustacean Precipice

The Most Good You Can Do (for Shrimp)
Shrimping Good Better
Deep Sea Utopia

What We Owe to Shrimp +1 !! In case Will needs a title for his next book:) 

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