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It's possible to work at OpenAI and care about safety without being friends with CEA staff though.

It doesn't seem that anyone OpenAI besides the EA community is too worried, which to me is a positive update.

EA folks most often single out to express frustration & disappointment about

I've never seen anyone express frustration or disappointment about Dustin, except for Habryka. However, Habryka seems to be frustrated with most people who fund anything / do anything that's not associated with Lightcone and its affiliates, so I don't know if he should count as expressing frustration at Dustin in particular.

Are you including things like criticizing OP for departing grantees too quickly and for not departing grantees quickly enough, or do you have something else in mind?

I view Dustin and OP as quite separate, especially before Holden's departure, so that might also explain our different experience.

She has a 2-year-old EA forum account https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/users/gretchen-krueger-1 , has written reports in 2020 and in 2021 where most (all?) co-authors are in the EA community, is mentioned in this post, and is Facebook friends with at least one CEA employee

They all seem related to the EA community, and for many it's not clear if they left or were fired.

Besides Ilya Sutskever, is there any person not related to the EA community who quit or was fired from OpenAI for safety concerns?

https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/nb6tQ5MRRpXydJQFq/ea-survey-2020-series-donation-data#Donation_and_income_for_recent_years, and personal conversations which make me suspect the assumption of non-respondents donating as much as respondents is excessively generous.

Not donating any of their money is definitely an exaggeration, but it's not more than the median rich person https://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/almanac/statistics-on-u-s-generosity/

GiveWell and Open Philanthropy just made a $1.5M grant to Malengo!

Congratulations to @Johannes Haushofer and the whole team, this seems such a promising intervention from a wide variety of views

No, but in expectation it wasn't very far from the stock market valuation. It's very possible that it was positive EV even if it didn't work out

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