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Data scientist working on AI forecasting through Epoch and the Stanford AI Index. GWWC pledge member since 2017. Formerly social chair at Harvard Effective Altruism, facilitator for Arete Fellowship, and founder of the DC Slate Star Codex meetup.


When will we learn? I feel that we haven't taken seriously the lessons from SBF given what happened at OpenAI and the split in the community concerning support for Altman and his crazy projects.

Huh? What's the lesson from FTX that would have improved the OpenAI situation?

What are some EA/LW/etc coworking spaces that could accommodate ~10 people for ~5 days? I'm aware of Constellation and Lighthaven (Berkeley, CA), HAIST and MAIA (Cambridge, MA), Wytham Abbey and Trajan House (Oxford, UK), CEEALAR (Blackpool, UK), LEAH and LISA (London, UK), Epistea and Fixed Point (Prague, Czechia). Are there any others?

What are the stringent and permissive criteria for judging that someone has heard of EA?

They keep saying they're working on a response. It's probably around 500 pages by now.

If you're trying to maximize computational efficiency, instead of building a Dyson sphere, shouldn't you drop the sun into a black hole and harvest the Hawking radiation?

Upvoted your post because you made some good points, but I think your analogy between human cloning and AI training is totally wrong.

Take for example, human reproductive cloning. This is so morally abhorrent that it is not being practised anywhere in the world. There is no black market in need of a global police state to shut it down. AGI research could become equally uncool once the danger, and loss of sovereignty, it represents is sufficiently well appreciated.

There is no black market in human cloning, and no police state trying to stop it, because no one benefits very much from cloning. Cloning is just not that useful. Whereas if we stop corporate AI development for 40 years but computer hardware keeps improving, anyone can get rich by training an AGI on their gaming laptop. It would be like trying to confiscate all the drug imports in a world where everyone with a cell phone is a drug addict.

Can you name some of the red flags to watch for? I'd also be interested in hearing who some of the bad actors are (perhaps in a DM if you don't want them to know they've been spotted).

This doesn't answer your question, but: I've heard several people opine that "fiscal sponsorship" is a really bad name for what it entails. I work at Epoch, which is a fiscal sponsee of Rethink Priorities (and yes, RP uses the word "sponsee" for us and all their sponsees). My understanding is that we (Epoch) pay some kind of fee to RP (annual? maybe a percentage of our budget? idk), and in return, RP's HR people handle our HR stuff and some of their ops people spend some time doing ops work for us. This is almost the complete opposite of being "fiscally sponsored" in the sense of being sponsored by and receiving money from the sponsor.

h/t @SarahPomeranz 

We just finished hiring a data analyst for October. It's possible that we'll hire another candidate in the future, but the position is not currently taking applications.

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