Kaleem Ahmid. Entrepreneur in Residence, and Project Manager for Boston and NY Properties at CEA.

Previously a Community Builder in Boston (EAIF grant). Previously a Visiting Scholar at JHU Center for Health Security. EAGxBoston 2022 organiser.

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U.S. EAs Should Consider Applying to Join U.S. Diplomacy

Yeah I think I should have been more accurate, I think by saying "US EAs" I really meant "US, EU, and UK EAs"

U.S. EAs Should Consider Applying to Join U.S. Diplomacy

Thank you for changing the title - I think it is more helpful overall now, and addresses the concerns I raised. BUT in addition to that, you added that note underneath it which not just addresses the point, but also raises an interesting consideration regarding non-US EAs working in diplomacy in their own countries, which I hadn't thought about and I think bolsters your overall point considerably. Well done !

U.S. EAs Should Consider Applying to Join U.S. Diplomacy

I agree on the efficiency reason as well, good point.

However, as a non-American EA, I think its worth me pointing out that this type of thing is an example of the US-centric status quo in the community which does alienate and frustrate us non-US EAs (I know this is true for many of us, having been speaking and thinking about this frustration with other non-US EAs for about 6 years).

U.S. EAs Should Consider Applying to Join U.S. Diplomacy

You mean "American EA's should consider applying to US diplomacy", surely ?

We should start being more mindful about this type of thing, if we want to practice what we preach in terms of wanting EA to be, and be perceived to be, a globally welcoming and inclusive movement.

Should we call them something other than retreats?
Answer by KaleemMay 18, 202246

I agree that we should call them something other than retreats, especially because of points 1) and points 3) - lots of people in the EA community basically don't understand that a full day of "retreat" causes the same level of exhaustion as a full day of EAG.


  • Work Sprint Weekend
  • Intensive Workshop
  • Summit
List of EA-related organisations

Does anyone know if this list is up to date or if there is an up-to-date list of all EA orgs?

What are some high-EV but failed EA projects?

don't underestimate how much utility that page has produced Linch !

Kaleem's Shortform

Update: I read the book and didn't think it had much information that was particularly insightful or novel. As a public health professional, it was very boring, but I'd be happy for as many people to read it and take it seriously as possible because the information is sensible and likely to be unharmful and helpful in the case of future pandemics. As an EA working on GCBRs, it was very underwhelming and failed to mention many of the things that biosecurity people in the EA space seem to think are vitally important, like next-gen PPE, the NAO, the BWC etc.

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