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Kaleem Ahmid. Entrepreneur in Residence, and Project Manager for Boston and NY Properties at EV.

Previously a Community Builder in Boston (EAIF grant). Previously a Visiting Scholar at JHU Center for Health Security. EAGxBoston 2022 organiser.


Things people have said to me about EA


We're thinking of naming an office "Focal Point" - let me know what you think ! 

fwiw, this is super important to me too (I wear whatever I want, which is hardly ever remotely "professional") and I've never felt out of place or judged when at a Boston EA, Harvard EA, or EA NYC event

I think this is a great suggestion.

But given that "petrichor" was rejected by someone in the 'naming committee' for being too hard to pronounce-from-reading, I'm not sure syzygy is going to fair much better :p

I think your reflections on the piece are valuable and the important issues you point out are valuable. However I'm downvoting because I wouldn't want people wasting their time reading the linked post because:

  1. the author's self-admitted use of dishonesty in writing the article in the first place, which happens between this comment from Will and this comment from Will. 
  2. Even if the post had some merit in the way the EA movement and EA orgs treated criticism at the time of posting, it seems to be extremely out of date and inaccurately reflecting how EA relates to criticism in 2022 (E.g. we offer people significant reward for writing good critiques of EA and make clear to people in the community and outside of it that we value criticism highly)

Thanks for this. Yeah it's tough - I've thought about this particular thing quite a bit and I don't know what the right direction would be. This could be mitigated by "EA for Muslims" not taking a particular stance on anything and creating spin-off projects which do take a stance on things (e.g. maybe "EA Islamic Animal welfare initiative" does care about pigs.

On the one hand: Some (probably most) muslims would not want to help pigs because they're specifically singled out as an unclean/non-prefered/dirty animal. I don't know whether or not they're sympathetic to pig suffering or if they're indifferent (I'm sure some percentage would be pro-pig suffering but we're probably not trying to reach those people in the first place).

but on the other hand: Some muslims (like me) think pigs are probably very capable of feeling suffering and the amount of suffering endured collectively by pigs is really really bad and we should try stopping it. I think a reasonable muslim could say something like "god made these pigs, and says lots of things about how we should prevent the suffering of animals, and he doesn't say "except pigs"

Sure, the title of the Ezra ep was cool. But I actually didn't think it was that good of an ep - I felt like when Ezra asked 'tough' questions, Will didn't really engage with them in a direct enough way, and as a result a lot of my non-EA friends have told me that they felt Will didn't have good responses to the questions. I don't think it was that useful an ep to listen to as an EA - its mostly stuff in the book and things you'd likely have heard from Will or others in the community before. 

I agree this is important and we should do this. But like, haven't we been doing this the whole time? "impartiality" (the idea that equivalent interests are equally morally deserving - or something like that)  is one of the three main things that get emphasised in basically every intro fellowship. 

  • Harvard Square Horizon. Sounds a bit like a daycare, but horizons are very apt for what we do


Yeah I think "Bright Horizons" is a well-known daycare chain 

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