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  • Full-time Director for EA NYC
  • Part-time advisor to farmed animal-focused philanthropists
  • Feel free to contact me by email for any questions or collaboration ideas or book a time in my Calendly.


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Very excited to see this! Also, quick plug: On December 13th, EA NYC is hosting a virtual presentation where Elisabeth will be presenting on ACE's work alongside Giving Green's Dan Stein. It should be a great chance to learn more about both orgs' methodologies and recommendations :)

I'm also sorry to hear this has been your experience and as both a woman and the director of EA NYC, I am always here to discuss cultural issues and possible recourse, as is our dedicated EA NYC community health coordinator, Megan Nelson: We both think about these topics a lot and are working to steer the community in an increasingly healthy and safe direction.

Thanks for this. I'll add that I think even in less tense times, there are alternatives that achieve similar clarity while avoiding community culture downsides. Money is a fraught topic, EA has at times been accused of being classist, and people should be able to engage in EA discourse regardless of their relationship with money.

Thank you for this timely and transparent post, and for all the additional work I'm sure your team is shouldering in response to this situation.

With Giving Tuesday and general end-of-year giving on the horizon, I think any indication from OPP of new anticipated funding gaps would be useful to the EA community as a whole. It would also be helpful to get a sense as soon as the information is available of what the overall cause area funding distribution in EA is likely to look like after this week.

I'm happy to chat about our process and/or add you to the EA Coworking Organisers Slack if you're not already a member!

For the NY space, we are still finalizing the lease and some other logistics, so the opening date is unfortunately still TBD.

Why did people downvote this? Is there something I'm missing?

That makes sense and I wasn't familiar with Cathleen's request or the general aims of quasi-anonymity here. I think it is useful to specify that you are intentionally not using full names because otherwise the assumption is likely that these are people one should know and contributes to my above concern.

@JP, I'll confess I don't know what PR stands for in this context and I'm confused from the linked site if this is something I can install in my browser!

Meta note: I think it encourages in-group/out-group experiences on the Forum when known individuals are identified only by their first names and at a minimum would like to see e.g. Geoff, Larissa, and Catherine named in full at least once in this post.

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