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Also, to be clear, QURI didn't end up using this system to distribute prizes. 

FYI, the lottery system described above as a means to distributing prizes is illegal in the US (states have a monopoly on random lotteries, unfortunately)

Basically, if a payment system involves three features together, it will likely be illegal:

  • Consideration (e.g. you need to spend money or time to be considered for the prize)
  • Chance 
  • Prize (cash or anything of value)

The typical way around this is to get rid of consideration and give an alternative means of entry, e.g. “you can also enter by emailing this email” or similar. This is why promotions often have the “no purchase necessary” language in the US. There are ways around this, but typically you need to apply for a license.

 [Credits to Abraham Rowe for catching this.]

Location: London, UK

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • Communications consulting (I started and still own a copywriting and communications company in Mexico City  https://www.contexto.studio/  https://www.linkedin.com/company/contextoestudio)
  • Strong generalist start-up/interpersonal/operations skills
  • Clear and persuasive writing (experience in journalism, consulting, and the publishing sector)
  • Python and R (taught by master's course, no significant own projects)
  • Research in the philosophy of the social sciences

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/merilalama/

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xzjvJt-LwY_lcPKfVgo3lSQdxFt_64VO/view?usp=sharing

Email: merilalama@gmail.com


  • I'm thinking a lot about longtermism, but I'm willing to work in whatever field I can be most impactful.
  • I believe I'm a good fit for operations/communications/generalist jobs
  • Looking to switch full-time to something more impactful than my business. I don't care about glamour; I'm looking for impact.

Involvement with EA:  

  • I'm attending the Open Student Workshop on GPR at the GPI, Oxford.
  • Attended and volunteered in EAGxOxford and EAG London this year.
  • My master's dissertation is on a subject recommended by GPI's research agenda.
  • Involved with LSE's EA Student Society.
  • Received 1-1 advice from 80k.
  • AGI Safety Fundamentals Programme by EA Cambridge, 2022

Drop me a message if anything above sounds potentially useful; I will be glad to hear from you :)