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I recently made my first forum post and ran into some formatting barriers. I was able to overcome them with experimentation that cost 30-60 minutes of my time. For example, making a line completely bold automatically puts the text in the outline and putting asterixes (I put the * around this word in mobile and it just ended up italicizing it) centers it and puts it in the outline. I had some sections I wanted to bold, but leave out of the outline so I found a workaround by unbolding just the colon at the end. I was also a bit confused on how to use the link post option and had to search up examples to find out if I should be using it. That added another 10 minutes of time.

It would be great if there was a video tutorial for using the interface. It could significantly reduce the barrier for first time posters.

Amy, I knew this would be at least a bit uncomfortable for you. I tried to minimize that through anonymizing your identity in the screenshots and sharing the google doc draft with you the night before I posted it.

Ultimately, I was very disappointed in the quality of communication around the application decision making process. When it was made clear that there would be no further ability to discuss the reason for my rejection privately, I decided to make a public post. My primary goal is to increase transparency and reduce the likelihood that other rejected applicants would have a negative experience. I thought the screenshots would be necessary to do that, but didn’t think your identity was necessary for it. I did see that you identified yourself in the comments shortly after the post went up so I appreciate your sense of accountability for what it’s worth.

Perhaps if the norms were posted somewhere upfront, then the EA curious types could self select for attendance. I’m still not sure what the norms are after doing all the research for this post. A video of the conference with narration of the setup/interviews with attendees or just a list of norms on the EAG information page would be helpful to understand what the conference is like.

Thanks. I think I erred on the side of providing more information than needed to show enthusiasm and commitment. Perhaps I’ll try your suggestion next time and hope for a different result.

Hi Jeff! I am just seeing your comment now and am glad we were able to meet the other day during the EA NYC dinner. I’ll send you a pm and we can talk a little bit more in depth about your experience and what could be done to overcome it.

The Humbird report would be important to read regarding analysis of the scaling needs for cultured meat. It contains a lot of numbers that would be important to input.

Yes that is a good caveat to include. It is deinitely easy to conflate effectiveness of a person vs effectiveness of a person at a given point in time. I think that would be an important point to emphasize in rejection emails.

I initially wanted to comment about diversity, but opted not to because it would distract from the overall message of the post. 

Thank you for those kind words! I plan to continue taking significant action to help the world become a better place. While I was hoping that attending EAG could help me in that journey, I've come to learn that there are many other avenues available.

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