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I started out as a animal advocate in 2001 at the age of 12. Nearly a decade later, I discovered effective altruism and decided to start down an earning to give career path as a physician. Currently, I own a health services business and donate my time and money to direct work in animal advocacy. You usually can find me at the Impactful Animal Advocacy slack community.

How others can help me

If you are a funder, researcher, or MEL specialist interested in helping out more in the animal advocacy space, your talents are sorely needed! Please join the slack and send me a DM so I can get you plugged in to the best channels to collaborate with others in these neglected fields within the movement. 


Are you aware there is a campaign to double bean consumption by 2028? It is called Beans is How and it seems to be backed by a pretty big and well-funded organization. Bean soaking could potentially be added to their educational materials for additional tractability.

That's a very good point! I just have a lot of bad experience dealing with Wise, but I also haven't had to deal with very large grants so the tradeoff wasn't as large.

Wise is awful.. their customer service was not very helpful to me, setting up the account to connect to my bank is hard, and their UI is beautiful but not functional. I just use Paypal for international payments now and it is so much easier. Is there a reason you chose Wise over Paypal?

Sent you a dm in the slack! :)

I had never seen the RP piece you linked. I am posting it all over the slack and adding it to the resource guide!!

With regards to the taste/texture parity of plant-based meats, I don't take a firm stance on it. I remember going to a vegan asian fusion restaurant 20 years ago and being blown away by how accurate I thought the taste/texture was. Sure it is somewhat different, but I would argue in some cases it is actually better. Many people have meat that is too dry, fatty, or has pieces of cartilage in it. And yet, they keep purchasing animal products because they think of those bad cases as anomalies. Whereas with the plant-based alternatives, people are much more picky. One bad experience can label all of the products as bad. I think that is the result of culture. People want to find reasons to keep doing what the in-group is doing. Being vegan is kind of hard in many mainstream social contexts.

I am surprised as well. Here is a good paper on how it could be done. The authors that the feasibility of using Unsupervised Machine Translation (UMT) to decode animal language, specifically that of highly intelligent animals like sperm whales, depends on the complexity of the source language and the amount of "common ground" between the source language and target prior. Even with limited common ground, successful translation may be possible if the source language is sufficiently complex. Some of the obstacles include understanding the goal of sperm whale vocalizations, the lack of shared linguistic structure with human languages, and the domain gap. Overall, it seems possible to collect animal communication data and analyze them using machine learning, looking for structure or the ability to predict the next utterance or action of the animal in question.

There are a couple organizations I know of that do this:

  1. Earth Species Project - company using AI to decode languages of many different species
  2. The SOUNDWEL project - EU funded project for correlating pig vocalizations on farms with their emotional states
  3. Project CETI - nonprofit located in Dominica that are taking recordings of sperm whales to try and decode their complex language

Question: Are you still coming out with the new reactions

Comment/Feedback: It seems the AI narration only captures the initial post and not the edited sections. This only plays for 55s until the end of the first set of bullet points and before it says that it was edited to add something.

Comment/Feedback: Are you able to make it so that clicking the top right link icon on comments automatically copies the URL to that comment instead of users needing to navigate to the new page and then copying the URL from the address bar?

I was drawn to this post because of the word "Goldilocks," which reminded me of The Goldilocks Challenge. Is it just a coincidence that this post contains the word Goldilocks or is it related to the book?

Btw, I am curious because I was planning on "reading" this book, but couldn't find the PDF anywhere. And I say "reading" because these days I mostly upload the PDF to the chatGPT PDF reader and chat with it since I lack the time to read a whole book. 

Hey Spencer, just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent research and clear writing on ContraPest. Your work is really helping people to understand this complex issue better.

I live in NYC and the rat problem is pretty bad here. A lot of it has to do the unfettered access the rats have to food in trash. Unlike most other cities, NYC was built without any alleyways, making it very hard to keep trash contained. The trash ends up in bags on the sidewalks where rodents can easily chew through the plastic and have an all-they-can-eat buffet.

I've been thinking about this and recently someone pointed out that some cities in Europe are using underground garbage bins

These bins could help cut down the rat problem by making it harder for them to get to the trash. It's a non-pharmaceutical intervention that could significantly cut down on the rat population!

Thanks again for your great work, Spencer. It's really making a difference. :)

Hey, loved reading your post, really resonated with me! I've personally witnessed those capacity building, collaboration, and funding gaps you mentioned. I've been wrestling with these issues myself, and it's why I decided to throw my support behind this new initiative, the Impactful Animal Advocacy Slack Community, which seems to fill a lot of these gaps. There are almost 800 members now and about a dozen of posts each day with a strong no infighting culture. Plus, there are some funders and philanthropy advisors hanging out there! Everyone is welcome to join. :)

I can definitely attest to this timeline as someone who does earning to give and had a hard time with EA in 2022. I am so glad you wrote this. We can all do a little bit more to do good in the world and it wouldn't even need to cost anything. I hope we can come back to sanity. Here's to third wave EA!

Have you heard of They are a giving platform via an app and have a cool giving game-style concept.

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