Guy Raveh

Software Engineer @ GE Healthcare
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Working in healthcare technology and doing some independent AI alignment research on the side.

MSc in applied mathematics/theoretical ML.

Interested in increasing diversity, transparency and democracy in the EA movement. Would like to know how algorithm developers can help "neartermist" causes.


Off the top of my head, that time limit is often two years after the filing of the bankruptcy case.

Do you know where I can find a legal reference with the exact time limit?

If the FTX debtors are paid back without taking back my grant, I'd like to donate it somewhere, but I need to know I'm protected from a clawback in that scenario.

I note there is no path for Cotton-Barratt to become a typical member of the community again

I don't think this is true?

I don't feel qualified to give an opinion on the board decisions, punishment etc. for the specific case. But in nature, it does look like a decision that allows returning to full participation in the community, subject to some future checks, which makes sense.

And his reputation has suffered a blow, but not a very big one? Like, I don't see anyone publicly objecting to his presence on the forum.

I'm glad to see:

  1. The Community Health team adopting more robust procedures
  2. Transparency regarding the changes made and the reasons for them
  3. The boards of EV taking an active role in overseeing this and in acting even against a well known and powerful figure.

I was also glad to see Owen step down from his role, taking full responsibility and apologizing for his actions, cooperating and attempting to improve himself. This sets a good example.

I certainly also think it'd be useless, like most prediction markets in EA.

I think it would be net negative, in the "What is your community doing to prevent sexual misconduct? - Oh, we make bets about it" kind of way.

2 years later, I stumbled onto this comment, and I'd be happy to know if your perspective about this has changed after the FTX crisis.

Thanks for the data! For other readers I'll note the Faunalytics page you linked to contains more interesting information (e.g. a majority of lapsed vegns try it only for health reasons, while a majority of those who remain vegn do not).

The remainder of that distribution after the 1 year mark would also be interesting, as it might take over that to get accustomed to it.

This does suggest that a gradual transition might have higher success rates?

Sorry, I originally commented with a much more detailed account but decided I didn't want so much personal info on the forum.

On my first attempt at vegetarianism I failed after about a week, and after that I decided to start with avoiding meat at home and at uni. The transition to being fully vegan took about 2.5 years. I was a picky eater so I had a lot of foods and ingredients to get used to. I also improved my cooking abilities a lot during this time.

Edit: it's true that I'm now in a phase where it is almost costless for me to be vegan, and I've been in that state for years. My point is rather that I didn't start off like that.

FWIW my personal experience doesn't square with this. It was initially hard for me but after a transition period where I got accustomed to new foods, it got much easier. For most people - those who are medically able to do it - I think this would be the case.

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