My name is Edo, I'm one of the co-organisers of EA Israel. I'm also helping out in moderation for the forum, feel free to reach out if I can help with anything.

I have studied mathematics, worked as an mathematical researcher in the IDF and was in training and leadership roles. After that I started a PhD in CS, where I helped to start a research center with the goal of advancing Biological research using general mathematical abstractions. After about 6 months I have decided to leave the center and the PhD program.

Currently, I'm mostly thinking about improving the scientific ecosystem and particularly how one can prioritize better within basic science.

Generally, I'm very excited about improving prioritisation within EA and how we conduct our research around it and EA causes in general. I'm also very interested in better coordination and initiative support within the EA community. Well, I'm pretty excited about the EA community and basically everything else that has to do with doing the most good.

My Virtue Ethic brain parts really appreciates honesty and openness, curiosity and self-improvement, caring and supporting, productivity and goal-orientedness, cooperating as the default option and fixing broken systems.


Things I Learned at the EA Student Summit

I think that it is very well written, neatly organized and clear. You clearly state your actual belief in what you claim and you give good references. Also, the tone is friendly and fun to read :) 

Definitely encourage you to write more!

When you shouldn't use EA jargon and how to avoid it

One bad rationalization that I notice myself having sometimes for writing and speaking with "high" jargon is that I say to myself that it's a piece of jargon worth knowing, so I'm actually helping people learn better ways of communicating. I don't think that this is a valid logical conclusion, but instead I can briefly explain some relevant and important terminology or avoid using that if it's not relevant.

I think that my actual motivations are mainly that I feel a need to be very accurate, and that writing is generally slow and tedious for me so it is difficult for me to find better ways of articulating myself once I have already found something that fits what I have in mind. Or - anxiousness and laziness. 

Just some stuff that I notice in myself which might be worth sharing :)

EARadio - more EA podcasts!

Thanks for sharing it again! There is a lot of great content there :)

Evaluating a crowdfunding campaign to test an oral anthrax vaccine for wildlife

I don't have answers to your questions, I just want to say that I really appreciate this post. These are very interesting and important questions in an original setting, and I like your self-improvement attitude. It's clear that you have given this a lot of thought and effort into both thinking about it and writing the post.

Open Communication in the Days of Malicious Online Actors

Can you expand a bit about the relevance of this to EA? Do you think that better open communication is a worthy cause by itself, or that this has relevance to infohazard policies, or perhaps something else?

Propose and vote on potential tags

I've added a Meta-Science tag. I'd love for some help with clarifying the distinction between it and Scientific Progress.  

Generally, I imagine meta-science as being more focused on specific aspects of the academic ecosystem and scientific progress to be related more to the general properties of scientific advances. There is clearly an overlap there, but I'm not sure where exactly to set the boundaries. 

How is this relevant to EA or doing the most good?

Effective strategy and an overlooked area of research?

I actually haven't decided yet whether to downvote or not. It would really help if you could summarize better what you mean by TK and what is it that you argue for - this can enable people to decide whether or not to read the whole post and to get the gist of it immediately. The abstract of the linked post is itself a bit vague, which I feel has similar problems. 

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