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Hey! I'm Edo, married + 2 cats, I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and I feel weird writing about myself so I go meta.

I'm a mathematician, I love solving problems and helping people. My LinkedIn profile has some more stuff.

I'm a forum moderator, which mostly means that I care about this forum and about you! So let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

I'm currently working full-time at EA Israel, doing independent research and project management. Currently mostly working on evaluating the impact of for-profit tech companies, but I have many projects and this changes rapidly. 


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Agree! Hauke, let me know if you'd want me to do that on your behalf (say, using admin permissions to edit that previous post to add the doc content) if it'll help :)

For readers, here are links to The Malala Fund and the Global Health and Development Fund (part of EA Funds).

The consideration of whether to help people in poverty without solving the problem of poverty itself is a good one! In a slightly different formulation, it had been addressed in this amazing work - Growth and the case against randomista development

However, the question of how exactly we can alleviate poverty is still very tough. For example, GiveWell's analysis of educational programs in developing countries concludes that there's very limited evidence on the impact of education on improved future earnings, and their cost-effectiveness model suggests that they are about (0.5x-3x) as cost-effective as direct cash transfers. This contrasts with the large potential effects of direct health interventions, like deworming, which could be much higher (but there's still a lot of uncertainty and debate).

Having worked with Yonatan on various community-building efforts, and discussing many technical and nontechnical projects with him, I'm very optimistic about the value he can give if he has the resources and freedom to do so. Happy to serve as a reference.

Main impressions:

  1. He is very aligned and happy to sacrifice his time, money, and credit to do more good. 
  2. Very helpful to EA community members and organizations, and makes sure to be very pleasant and accessible.
  3. Thinks clearer than most about ways of doing good, and acts based on the resulting logical conclusions, even if controversial.
  4. Evidently, very open, honest, and direct.
  5. Great quick-and-dirty approach to starting new projects.
  6. Very independent, and knows how to solicit design requirements and quick feedback.
  7. He may not be the most ridiculous EA in Israel, but he is close 🐱‍🚀⛸🥽
  8. To work with him effectively long-term, one should have very open communication and give him the freedom to pursue the goals and directions he believes in. 

(Yonatan, I'm curious as to whether/how much you agree with these 😊)

This is amazing! I never knew how much I want to know about changes in people's attitudes over time 😊

Some questions that interest me here, changes in time of the following [written with haste]

  1.  moral attitudes  (utilitarianism vs deontology, welfare vs preferential, human vs animal, maximizing vs satisficing, ...)
  2. Particular moral values like nationalism, globalism, pacifism,  consumerism, pursuit of happiness, importance of freedom,  justice, equality, ...
  3. Trust in institutions (government, academia, types of media, large tech companies, other countries [China, Russia])
  4. attitude about the future (extinction? AI? pandemics? war? settling other star systems? utopia? digital life?)
  5. attitude toward philanthropy, EA, other social movements, particular and nonparticular billionaires

Thanks, yea. I guess I'm asking if there are other people or functionalities of EV outside of EV Ops or the constituent orgs, and outside the board.

Does EV have any current employees outside of EV Ops? 

Love her work, looking forward to the interview! 😊

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