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I'm happy to help

  • People running EA aligned software projects (about all the normal problems)
  • EA Software engineers (about.. all the normal problems)

Link to my coaching post.

I'd be happy for help from

  • People who think about global EA priorities:
    • Rewriting arxiv.org: Is this a high impact job?
    • Does EA need a really good hiring agency?
  • Funding my work would be nice

My opinions about hiring

A better job board

  • draft 1: 75% of 80k's engineering jobs are unrelated to software development. This board is the other 25%.

Tech community building & outreach

(apparently I'm doing some of this?)

  • Some ideas I'm working on or strongly considering working on
  • Are you talking to someone about working on strange neglected problems? Here's how I'd frame it

My opinions about EA software careers

  • An alternative career guide
  • Improving CVs (beyond what I saw any professional CV editor doing)
  • Getting your first paid software job
  • [more coming]

My personal fit for jobs

  • Owning the tech of a pre-production (helping with things around it, like some Product)
  • I really enjoy coaching, user research, explaining tech concepts and tradeoffs simply to non tech people, unclear if this will fit into some future job


  • I'm currently reading ProjectLawful and Worth A Candle [26-7-2022]
  • Big hpmor fan
  • I like VR
  • My shirts have cats on them

Contact details

How others can help me

  • Connections to EA aligned orgs that have software problems

How I can help others

  • Running software projects, specifically hiring
  • EA careers


Everyone who agree-voted here, may I ask why you don't configure your own feed to ignore community posts right now?

Hey, just pointing out that a few collections of "candidates looking for EA jobs" already exist, and there's an advantage in having them centralized (so for example each org only needs to look in one collection, and each candidate needs to sign up only in one place)


What I am not saying: 

I am not saying "dump this project because someone else is already doing it" (totally not! I really don't believe in that argument).


I am saying:

If you didn't consider that lists like this exist and you're opening a new list by accident and you see no advantage to your one, then probably use one of the existing ones.


A lazy list-of-lists that I'm aware of (sorry for not including all links, I'm vaguely expecting that this list-of-lists exists somewhere and someone might link to it)

  • 80k have a longtermist census (and my guess is that orgs use this a lot since in many ways 80k are a hiring center in EA)
  • HIP are setting up something that looks promising to me
  • There's a post for "who wants to be hired"
  • The forum profile has an option for "seeking work"
  • CEA probably has some system that takes in the info from swapcard, where people sometimes mark "looking for work"
  • (maybe more, that's what I have on the top of my mind)

May I upvote this post, or would that be counter productive? 🫣

Music generation startup: What do you think?

(Hey, maybe you'd like to make your link clickable, by editing your post, marking the text-to-become-a-link, and then:


Hey, do I understand correctly that you're pointing out a problem like "there are lots of problems that will eventually lead to x-risk" + "that's bad" + "these problems somewhat feed into each other" ?

If so, speaking only for myself and not for the entire community or anything like that:

  1. I agree
  2. I personally think that AI risks will simply arrive earlier. If I change my mind and think AI risks will arrive after some of the other risks, I'll probably change what I'm working on.

Again, I speak only for myself.

(I'll also go over some of your materials, I'm happy to hear someone made a serious review of it, I'm interested)

Maybe a good time to experiment with a Swapcard alternative, if you have any other option lined up

I think Bill Gates' donations are probably very high impact, not zero.


Example source:

Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy / Scott Alexander

Nobody knows exactly how many lives the Gates Foundation has saved. The Guardian says it’s some appreciable fraction of the 122 million lives saved in general from progress fighting infectious diseases over the last few decades. This article says Gates has saved seven million people through his vaccination campaign alone, provided another seven million with antiretroviral treatment (usually life-saving), “tested and treated” twelve million people for tuberculosis (often fatal, but there’s a big difference between testing and treatment), and been responsible for a big part of the seven million lives saved from malaria. I expect these numbers are inflated, but even by conservative estimates the Gates Foundation may have saved ten million people.


In your sheet, you seem to count it as zero (without any formula, it's hard coded zero)

Hey, someone just told me what Hemp is, and, hmm, maybe there already are people growing and selling it

I'm going to leave my original comment as-is, as a funny nonsense thing I said online

Hey, I don't know, but I'll share how I'd start investigating such a question, hoping that would help.

I'm not a professional who does such analyses (so maybe others will correct me), I'm replying as someone from the community trying to be welcoming.


One way I'd look at this question is "how much benefit would I get from investing an extra $1 in Hemp". This is going to split into two sub questions: "how much benefit do I get" and "how much does it cost":


First sub question: What is the main benefit (the most important bullet point). 

For example, is carbon capture the main benefit, or the vitamins? My prior is: It would be very surprising if the "amount" of benefit I got from each of the bullet points was roughtly the same; usually there's an 80-20 situation where 80% of the benefit come from one of the bullet points. (For example: at least 80% of the benefit of growing a banana is for food, even if it does a bit for carbon capture and even if banana fields do look cool). So with Hemp, instead of considering 10 different benefits, I'd try to pick the top one.


The next sub question could be "how much does it cost to grow more Hemp (plus do whatever's needed to get that main benefit, such as produce the plastics, I assume that costs money too)"


And then we have a rough guess at cost effectiveness. If it seems in the vague area of "well maybe, it doesn't look 1000x less effective than an alternative", then that might be a hint to look some more.

Another very different question I'd ask is "if Hemp is so good, why doesn't anyone grow it, sell it, and make lots of money?" (for more on this way of thinking, see Inadequate Equilibria)

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