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I'm happy to help

  • People running EA aligned software projects (about all the normal problems)
  • EA Software engineers (about.. all the normal problems)

Link to my coaching post.

I'd be happy for help from

  • People who think about global EA priorities:
    • Rewriting arxiv.org: Is this a high impact job?
    • Does EA need a really good hiring agency?
  • Funding my work would be nice

My opinions about hiring

A better job board

  • draft 1: 75% of 80k's engineering jobs are unrelated to software development. This board is the other 25%.

Tech community building & outreach

(apparently I'm doing some of this?)

  • Some ideas I'm working on or strongly considering working on
  • Are you talking to someone about working on strange neglected problems? Here's how I'd frame it

My opinions about EA software careers

  • An alternative career guide
  • Improving CVs (beyond what I saw any professional CV editor doing)
  • Getting your first paid software job
  • [more coming]

My personal fit for jobs

  • Owning the tech of a pre-production (helping with things around it, like some Product)
  • I really enjoy coaching, user research, explaining tech concepts and tradeoffs simply to non tech people, unclear if this will fit into some future job


  • I'm currently reading ProjectLawful and Worth A Candle [26-7-2022]
  • Big hpmor fan
  • I like VR
  • My shirts have cats on them

Contact details

How others can help me

  • Connections to EA aligned orgs that have software problems

How I can help others

  • Running software projects, specifically hiring
  • EA careers


I mainly wonder if I'll get comments on it

[This might be totally wrong and please remember I have much less of an intuition about UX than you, but]

This seems to be focusing on visual components like "tabs" instead of the thing which would be intuitive to me, which I'd call "search capabilities". I'd personally be happy to have all the searchable content of the forum pushed into some DB that works well with search, and use some open source search-UI that someone else built for that DB. This PR seems like rebuilding a UI like that which probably exists already, no?

[remember my disclaimer!]

[I can find a specific UI that seems nice to me if that would help]

  1. I agree
  2. No sorting algorithm is perfect. The relevant question, I think, is if this would be better than the current algorithm. (Would you prefer using it even though linkposts would be too high?)
  3. With some extra effort, one could solve most of the link post problem. Specifically, I think the forum currently supports built-in link posts. Or one could search for "linkpost" or "link post" in the first line. But in practice I would just leave this problem as-is and see if anyone still uses this feed

TL;DR: Check out this post:


They opened a Q&A in, probably, a few minutes, with no code, and focused on questions people care about.

This seems more like The Lean Startup (which I think is great) than, looking at your plan, building something for 3 months and then relying on SEO and marketing to get users (which seems not lean to me). The main advantage of The Lean Startup method as I see it is avoiding building something amazing that nobody wants to use, which is a thing that often happens with software startups if they don't get enough user feedback.

Feel free to push back and tell me I'm wrong!

My prior is that writing your own code for a Q&A would be a bad idea - since many people already built Q&A solutions and you could probably use theirs. What do you think?

I like thinking in terms of "there are some battles that almost nobody is fighting, so I can be one of the only people in the world advancing those areas", as opposed to, for example, trying to beat the stock market - which many many smart people are already trying to do, all competing with each other (and with me)

  1. As you said, they're (almost by definition) not neglected
  2. The media picks topics based on some algorithm which is simply different from the EA algorithm. If that wouldn't be true, I guess we wouldn't really need EA


  1. Seems like a more complicated question than [I could] solve with a comment
  2. Seems like something I'd try doing one on one, talking with (and/or about) a real person with a specific worry, before trying to solve it "at scale" for an entire class
  3. I assume my understanding of the problem from these few lines will be wrong and my advice (which I still will write) will be misguided
  4. Maybe record a lesson for us and we can watch it?

Tools I like, from the CFAR handbook, which I'd consider using for this situation:

  1. IDC (maybe listen to that part afraid you'll think of yourself as a bad person, maybe it is trying to protect you from something that matters. I wouldn't just push that feeling away)
  2. homunculus (imagine you're waking up in your own body for the first time, in a brain that just discovered this EA stuff, and you check the memories of this body and discover it has been what you consider "bad" for all its life. You get to decide what to do from here, it's just the starting position for your "game", instead of starting from birth)

Allow commenting in "tag" pages, as if they were normal posts:

And have this be the default place for an AMA, or for discussing if an AI company is net-good or net-bad, or whatever, instead of having those conversations scattered (getting lost, repeating themselves) between different posts about the org

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