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Watch here:

 https://fb.watch/kDg1KTFiW7/ (it's in English)

From the video:

just like nuclear tech is an amazing invention for humanity but can also risk the destruction of humanity, AI is the same. The world needs to get together NOW, to form the equivalent of the IAEA [...]

Who is this?

This is Naftali Bennett (wikipedia), an Israeli politician who was prime minister between June 2021 and June 2022.

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It's an encouraging signal that existential risks are starting to penetrate the mainstream policy dialogue, moving beyond academia and niche think-tanks.

Yonatan- thanks for sharing. It's a very good clip and makes good points. Respect to Naftali Bennett.

I found myself wishing that our American political leaders were this smart, and this articulate about understanding new technologies' risks.

I wonder why he didn't do anything about it as prime minister though. It's certainly not in the Israeli consensus, but only for the reason that it's out of mind entirely for Israelis. So there would've been no real opposition, except by tech companies maybe.

Is anyone already informed of an actual political effort to bring this new agency to life? This guy looks like an potenital promising start to this.

I agree, I'm speaking to @Davidmanheim who runs ALTER in Israel, we're considering reaching out or doing something else around this

We are thinking about it, but the political situation makes it unlikely that he is able to directly push for this domestically, and if we did something, it would likely be best if it were led by an organization well-placed to push the conversation forward internationally.

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