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Thanks! I appreciate your comment. (Not so sure about the magnanimity. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to get my revenge.) But Harold Godsoe gave me some good advice.)

It happens often on this forum. 🤷‍♂️ (This is meant seriously, not as a reference to the mass-downvoting my article experienced.)

This whole affair has cost me way more time than anyone else, I suspect. I just wanted to have some closure. And it's not like I ‘pressured’ someone to engage on the front page. (Although for some reason, more people appear to be looking at this than I expected.)

Thanks for not deleting my comment outright, though.

Great reminder! This podcast episode has some actionable ideas for how to reach out to people who were laid off:

Good to know, thanks!

For completeness, my idea of a rejection phone call (derived from is:

  • You call, greet the person, say in the first sentence that you won't be making an offer, say a few more short sentences, react to any responses, then hang up. You don't make it a conversation. The important thing is that they hear your voice.
  • It's fine to speak on voicemail and for the other person not to call back. This avoids phone tag.

Note that Manager Tools doesn't always have to most airtight arguments, but they tend to have tested their core guidance (which includes hiring) empirically.

What share of people took you up on that?/Did anyone comment on the offer?

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