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Thanks Jona! I did think of this too, but chose to not recruit those in this round for 3 reasons:

  1. There are more resources out there for continuing to finish a PhD (marginally).
  2. I did not want to create confusion in the recruitment process and may do a separate post later to interview for those after!
  3. Typically in the decision matrix of choosing to stay or leave a PhD, the staying side usually has a lot more supporters (supervisors with various reasons, your original thought of impact and decision, talking to Effective Thesis to see how you can make your thesis more impactful).

However, I do see your point that any piece of advice should not skew too much on one side of the decision that it makes it not great advice. If I feel like the advice I write out is that way, I shall definitely interview more people as you suggested!

I also would think, how would returning of that money change the situation that FTX is in and those that have experienced losses from this? It would take a significant amount of money, and without more knowledge on how the situation is it could be that (a) FTX finds better solutions, (b) FTXFF accepts the return of that money, but because it is a separate entity from FTX, it is not returned to those who faced losses from FTX in the first place but into the wallets of the donor. 

Just adding more questions/ food for thought, as I guess the things I am saying are more practical than moral but may affect whether there are any moral obligations. 

Not sure I fit the criteria for co-founding, but would love to help in other ways when I can!! Lovely post and as you know I am all in favour of creating a generation of tofutarians!

Will do! Can I have your email and will send you an email :D

Hello! I am from Thailand! Would love to connect!

Hey! I am doing an empirical bioethics PhD  - happy to connect and talk through ideas, and collaborate on a project too!

HI! I am Dev/Vardev, I work and research empirical bioethics on biosecurity and biosafety at the UNiversity of Edinburgh! Thanks Elika for setting this up!!!