Background in philosophy, international development, statistics. Doing a technical AI PhD at Bristol.

Financial conflict of interest: technically the British government through the funding council.


Voting reform seems overrated

Shouldn't the title be "Proportional Representation seems overrated"?

PR is often what people mean by voting reform, in the UK, but there are options without these problems, e.g. approval voting.

What are your main reservations about identifying as an effective altruist?

I see "effective altruist" as a dodgy shorthand for the full term: "aspiring effective altruist". I'm happy to identify as the latter in writing (though it is too clunky for speech).

I scraped all public "Effective Altruists" Goodreads reading lists

I call shotgun on "On Certainty", one of the most-wanted books. (The author and I have butted heads before. He is much better at headbutting than me.)

AGI risk: analogies & arguments

I felt much the same writing it. I'll add that to my content note, thanks.

AGI risk: analogies & arguments

The opposite post (reasons not to worry) could be good as well. e.g.

EA capital allocation is an inner ring

In this one, it's that there is no main body, just a gesture off-screen. Only a small minority of readers will be familiar enough with the funding apparatus to complete your "exercise to the reader..." Maybe you're writing for that small minority, but it's fair for the rest to get annoyed.

In past ones (from memory), it's again this sense of pushing work onto the reader. Sense of "go work it out".

EA capital allocation is an inner ring

It might be better to collate and condense your series into one post, once it's finished (or starting now). These individual posts really aren't convincing, and probably hurt your case if anything. Part of that is the Forum's conventions about content being standalone. But the rest is clarity and evidence: your chosen style is too esoteric.

I don't think it's our unwillingness to hear you out. Some of the most well-regarded posts on here are equally fundamental critiques of EA trends, but written persuasively / directly:

Can a Vegan Diet Be Healthy? A Literature Review

Worth noting that multivitamins are associated with very slightly increased mortality in the general population. Cochrane put this down to them overdosing A, E, and beta-carotene, which I don't expect vegans to be deficient in, so the finding might transfer. (Sounds like you've done blood tests though, so ignore me if it helps you.)

What are some potential coordination failures in our community?

The cycle of people coming up with ideas about how to organise people into projects, or prevent redundant posts, or make the Forum more accretive, being forgotten a week later. i.e. We fail to coordinate on coordination projects.

Progress Open Thread: December 2020

Can anyone in clean meat verify this news? The last time I checked, we were still years off market release.

Conditional on it being a real shock, hooray!

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