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I started out as a animal advocate in 2001 at the age of 12. Nearly a decade later, I discovered effective altruism and decided to start down an earning to give career path as a physician. Currently, I own a health services business and donate my time and money to direct work in animal advocacy. You usually can find me at the Hive (formerly known as Impactful Animal Advocacy) slack community.

How others can help me

If you are a funder, researcher, or MEL specialist interested in helping out more in the animal advocacy space, your talents are sorely needed! Please join the slack and send me a DM so I can get you plugged in to the best channels to collaborate with others in these neglected fields within the movement. 


I really like your suggested post-EAG debate statement, Toby!

Other suggested debate topics:

1. Digital Minds will possess sentience or moral status
2. It is a moral obligation to develop protections for digital minds

Hi Toby, thank you so much for writing a comprehensive review for this time sensitive opportunity.

For anyone interested in a different version of the suggested answers that Ben and Haven made that is more aimed at encouraging the adoption of on-farm monitoring systems in order to lay the groundwork for AI analysis for welfare metrics, please see this guide that I just wrote. 

Fish welfare would be a big factor in my model about the net utility of free malaria nets. However, it seems really hard to calculate because we don't know the average net qualia of fish in these regions. If it is negative, then overfishing may be a positive thing for their welfare. 

Yeah.. I think I agree. We have thought and re-thought enough about shrimps and it is now the time to ACT! Will change it in the post.

Thank you for your devotion to the maximum utils!
Had to google Naming What We Can first... love it!

You are absolutely right. I've adjusted the numbers in the post.

Thanks for catching that. I also saw there are a few (billion) more farmed shrimp to add in to those numbers. We have accordingly adjusted the post to convert estimates of [hours worked/human career] to [shrimps lost/year].

This seems like a doozy of a question to try to answer. Have you done your market research? Make sure no one else has written something about this in a similar way to what you intend first.

I’d be interested in reading an analysis about the murder comparison. There seems to be some elements of direct vs. indirect harm, partial vs. full responsibility for death, and different societal values. I’m not sure if I can truly parse it out.

It's really sad to hear about Steven Wise passing away. His work was a game-changer in how we see animals and their rights. Founding the Nonhuman Rights Project was a huge step forward, especially with those groundbreaking cases for chimps and elephants. Even though Happy the elephant's case didn't turn out as hoped, it sparked a massive conversation and got people thinking about animals in a way they hadn't before.

Wise's story is super inspiring. It's a big loss, but what he started isn't stopping anytime soon.

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