Sasha Berezhnoi

Community Director @ Effective Altruism Anywhere
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I run EA Anywhere, a virtual group for people who don't have local groups nearby.

I co-founded EA Russia and have been involved in community building for the last three years. I contributed to several EA organizations as a research intern, created a Youtube channel with EA-related videos, and studied the MIT Micromasters program on global health and development policy.

I'd be happy to chat about EA or introduce you to the EA Anywhere group:


Thanks to EA GatherTown team for your efforts! It's a great coworking space for remote teams. When we worked on EAGxVirtual last year it definitely helped us to sync faster and do more work. I also know many people outside of major EA hubs who are using the GT coworking space to stay accountable and productive. And because embedded pomodoro timers are synced you can have breaks at the same time and chat with others.

We've received lots of excited comments about EA GT in the EAGxVirtual '22 feedback form, so we are looking into incorporating it even more this year as a virtual venue. Though some people were confused with the platform and asked for a better guidance/onboarding.

Hi Alisha, you can check the article by Kelsey Piper on disaster relief. Our conclusions were similar to the ones she makes there.

You can join EA Anywhere Slack and ask your question in the #all-questions-welcome channel to collect more perspectives from participants.

Hi everyone, the host got really sick and can't host the meeting today.

It's been rescheduled for next Sunday, May 7th.

Hi Manuel, we've been running a monthly book club at EA Anywhere for more than a year now. You can find the list of the books we read and discussion questions in this folder. I also really like this ranked list of EA-relevant books and often use it for inspiration.

But we host only one discussion per book which is different from, say, the 8-week The Precipice reading group or the 6-week WWOtF reading group curriculum.

We have a #study-buddy channel on EA Anywhere Slack designed specifically for finding collaborators, reading buddies, and accountability partners. It has >4000 members so it might be a good idea to post there as well.

We have rescheduled the event from November 13 to December 4th because one of the organizers is sick, sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, you can explore quizzes on the most common misconceptions via Gapminder.

I'm a big fan of Gapminder and their quizzes on global development. Good to see more content like that. I even scheduled an event at EA Anywhere based on your quiz. Thanks for putting it all together!

Update: all the talks from the conference are now available in this playlist.

Hi Mischi, all the talks, workshops, and fireside chats will be available on CEA's YouTube channel next week.

You should have received the Swapcard invite by now. If not, please reach out to

We process registrations manually, so once you signed up for the conference there is a small delay before you get the Swapcard link.

Thanks for pointing this out, Andy! I've updated the post. The application deadline is October 19th.

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