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We are excited to announce that applications are now open for EAGxVirtual, happening on the 21-23rd of October.

A year has passed since the last entirely virtual conference. We are hoping to see many EAs from around the world, particularly those who have not been able to attend in-person events!

Apply now

Our conference theme is Transcending Boundaries

Many of us are constrained in one way or another in our journey to do the most good and be a part of the EA community. For example, by language barriers, travel restrictions, or lack of knowledge about relevant opportunities. Even our own image of ourselves and what we could achieve can be a limiting factor.

Our main goal with EAGxVirtual is to overcome the boundaries that may be holding us back – both physically and in more abstract ways. To explore how people from very different cultural and economical backgrounds can find their unique ways to be effective altruists. 

In order to achieve this goal, we will host a range of talks, office hours, workshops, and career stories sessions across EA cause areas. We aim to provide action-oriented content that will be relevant not only to people from Western countries. We have also planned an extensive ambassador program connecting attendees to more experienced community members. 

Who is this event for?

We welcome attendees familiar with key EA ideas, including those relatively new to effective altruism. If you have recently completed your first introductory EA fellowship program, read an EA-aligned book, or are otherwise familiar with key EA ideas and excited about applying these to your life, we encourage you to apply! If you are unsure, please err on the side of applying.

Reasons to attend

  1. Give and receive feedback on career, study, or donation plans, or on your EA projects
  2. Build a better understanding of the EA landscape to identify relevant opportunities to take action
  3. Make new connections and reconnect with old contacts
  4. Discover and discuss interesting and important ideas

If you are a highly-engaged EA member, your involvement can make a difference

If you are a highly-engaged EA you can make a difference by showing up, providing feedback to those relatively new to the community, and helping them navigate the conference. 

The previous EAGxVirtual in 2020 was one of the most geographically diverse EA events with attendees from 60 countries, and for many of them, it was their first chance to attend an EA conference. For example, Angela Aristizábal attended EAGxVirtual from Colombia, learned that EA cared about improving institutional decision-making, and successfully applied for a position at FHI

Those people who engage with the community only virtually often have fewer connections  and opportunities. Supporting them is crucial for a vibrant global community. Please make it clear on your Swapcard profile what it is you can help people with, encourage first-time attendees to reach out to you (or even reach out first), and be generous.

What do previous event attendees say?

"The most valuable thing for me as someone new to the EA was to see the diversity of people and ideas and experiences in EA. Before, I had doubts if it's for me, if I fit here, but now I feel much more confident and comfortable about identifying as a part of this community and being more active in it."

“Being plugged-in to the EA community via local, city-level chapters is one thing, but to connect with EAs worldwide that are on a similar journey exploring pathways to high-impact careers and more effective thinking really energised me as an EA concerned with maximising outcomes.”

Sidenote on my personal experience

Despite being actively involved in EA since 2018, I haven't attended any in-person conferences until 2022 because of visa restrictions and travel costs. EAGxVirtual was my first EA conference and matching with ambassadors was enormously valuable. It affected all my further interactions with the community: before the conference, I barely knew any EAs outside of my country.

I received a lot of feedback on my entrepreneurship ideas from Joey Savoie; built a strategy for my national-level group because of meeting Janique Behman and Eirin Evjen; learned about the EA Geneva Fellowship (which I ended up being part of) from Naomi Nederlof. On top of that, I met a dozen of members from developing countries who were facing the same community-building challenges as I did. I’m excited about EAGxVirtual 2022 because it can make more stories like this possible. 

How much are the tickets?

EAGxVirtual is free.

Help us spread the word

If you know someone who would enjoy either event, please invite them to apply

The deadline for applications is 8:00 am UTC on Wednesday, 19 October.


We look forward to receiving your application!






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Looks cool! When will you be announcing the agenda?

Thanks, Kirsten! We will announce a tentative agenda in 2-3 weeks.

Quick heads up, the email announcement and this post don’t have the same application deadline- email says the 19th, post says the 17th.

Looks great!

Thanks for pointing this out, Andy! I've updated the post. The application deadline is October 19th.

Great to have a virtual event as well! I may have missed but I can’t find which timezone is the event aligned with? Thanks!

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