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Some concerns about policy work funding and the Long Term Future Fund

I guess I was just wrong, I hadn't looked into it much!

Some concerns about policy work funding and the Long Term Future Fund

Thanks for posting this comment, I thought it gave really useful perspective.

"I don't think we've had really any policy successes with regards to the Long Term Future"

This strikes me as an odd statement. If you're talking about the LTF fund, or EA long-termism, it doesn't seem like much policy work has been funded.

If you're talking more broadly, wouldn't policy wins like decreasing the amount of lead being emitted into the atmosphere (which has negative effects on IQ and health generally) be a big policy win for the long term future?

Let’s not glorify people for how they look.

Almost everything that gets posted on the Forum has already been explored somewhere else. That doesn't make it worth downvoting.

Let’s not glorify people for how they look.

I agree that I'd rather we not completely censor jokes completely, but I find it very difficult to guess what people are comfortable with, in part because I think it's very hard to say, "No I'm not comfortable with discussion of my appearance" as a public figure. I wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable speaking up if people were joking about me anyways.

Crowdsourced Criticisms: What does EA think about EA?

I really liked the tone of this post, it was funny and charming

4 Ways to Give Feedback to Job or Grant Applicants

These are great concrete examples, thank you so much for adding them!

Being Open to Bribes for your time (for charities); or Charitable Bribes as Solving a Signaling Problem

Isn't "buying time" more commonly known as "payment" or "wages"? "Bribery" is usually reserved for corruption

Announcing the GovAI Policy Team

Hi Lexley, I'm sure Markus will come back with an answer, but I thought I'd suggest some other ways an undergraduate or new grad could build their knowledge and credibility:

a) Write a relevant essay or do a project for one of your classes. For example, if you're taking a political science or economics class, you could write an essay about "Does [major theory we've studied] explain what we're seeing in the current governance of AI?" You could share your essay for feedback on the Facebook group "Effective Altruism Editing and Review" and potentially even post it here, or post a summary.

b) Take an internship or job somewhere that you can learn about government or governance. For example, working in local or national government; working for a regulator; working for a corporate governance body like "fair trade" or "organic"; working for a tech company or lobbyist, especially if you can get a job taking notes for their boards or something like that. Pay attention to who's making decisions, and who the decision-makers pay attention to - who has the power in different situations?

c) Read papers and articles in the area you're interested in, and leave polite comments or questions. If a professor at your university has written a paper you think might be relevant, go to their office hours or ask to meet them and ask them some questions about how their work could be applied to AI governance. Consider starting a blog writing summaries or reviews of relevant papers and/or introducing some of your own thoughts. Consider going on Twitter, following people you admire, and replying to them occasionally.

I hope these ideas are useful and please let me know if you try them! I'm @Kirsten3531 on Twitter if you decide to go the Twitter route :)

Open Thread: June — September 2022

Dear Hank and John is my favourite podcast. I'm so glad you found EA through it!

EA Global Meetings Can Be Short

You can also help make short meetings happen by saying, "I'd love to talk about X. I think it'll probably take about 15 minutes, but I'm happy to meet for the default half hour if we find we have more to talk about!"

HOWEVER if you offer a shorter meeting like this, make sure you do actually give your interlocutor a chance to gracefully exit after 15 minutes. They'll be grateful you kept to your word!

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