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This is a great post Catherine, thanks for sharing your findings!

From an applicant perspective, I would love to see these changes. Strong upvote.

Another suggestion for fellow native speakers: if someone asks you "Can you repeat that?", don't rephrase what you said, just repeat the exact same words in the same order.

Lots of people are perfectly capable of understanding what you said, you just said it too fast!

We've paid the contractors for our home renovations via bank transfer, I think it's pretty common in that industry.

I'd love for EA Global events to become more conducive to small group conversations. Right now they feel heavily focused on 1:1s. I'd love for it to be easier to book a conversation or find a place to sit with 2-4 people I have a common interest with.

On the other side, I will say that considering your audience before publishing is a good norm. If you don't currently do that, taking 5 minutes to think about "Who do I want to read this post? What do I want them to do?" could be a good change in routine. For posts without any editing or consideration of audience, I think more informal platforms like Shortform or Facebook can be better suited.

I think work tests depend on the industry. For example when I was working as a teacher, my interview usually included teaching a real class of students, but in the Civil Service I've never been asked to do anything more than prepare a presentation.

The argument I've found most persuasive is "it's easier to fight back against an unjust government if you're healthy/have more money".

Yes, I was surprised not to see policy work in LMICs on this list to be honest!

I'm the same way with tags, I like posts to be accurately placed within the tag

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