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Exciting project! I'm curious to see the results of the fellowship. Also wondering if you think the program model is replicable to target students outside of the US/UK? I think with some contextualization, it has a lot of potential to be impactful at scale.

I second this. I think bidirectional links would be a better form for "Related entries" rather than manually adding the topics to the "Related entries".

User case: I've been trying to connect some topics on the Wiki with "Related entries"

  • How it is currently: When I want to put A as related entries with B and B as related entries with A, I would have to do it manually (edit and copy the links) on both topic pages.
  • How it can be better: If Topics could be bidirectionally linked to each other, when I add A as related entries with B, B would be automatically added as related entries with A.

Thank you so much for the support Annabel! We choose the timeframe according to the speakers' available time and are aware that some time zones would not be able to attend. We're considering recording the sessions and also taking collective notes for those who missed them, and thus the ideas discussed here can also be further explored (e.g. EA Forum post, in-depth research) after the unconference. Feel free to suggest other solutions!