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Thanks Saul. I've added Manifund. I'm unsure whether to add the map, since I want to keep this list to 'services' (or products) that are actively being worked on rather than lists that might go stale. How much continuing work are you putting into upkeeping the map?

Sorry Jessica, I somehow missed this comment until now. I've just added them to the latest version of this post.

A general paired criterion I have is that the services either have to be targeted to EA individuals (which I don't think research qualifies as) or to offer pretty substantial discounts to them (the logic being that I want to support people supporting the little guy) - Arb assured me in an earlier post they do the latter. Do you know if any of these people would do so?

Thanks Oliver. I've added Forum Magnum and Lighthaven.

I'm reluctant to have links to other forums through some combination of

a) it being a potential floodgate to start linking to communities that aren't fairly explicitly a subset of EA, and 

b) those forums being already well known, and I want to highlight projects that people  might realistically miss after a couple of months in the EA fold.

I'm wondering whether I should take some of the bigger organisations off the list for the latter reason, but I haven't managed to come up with a consistent principle here. I'm open to being persuaded that there's a way to be more consistent in either direction.

However, given the process of the recent coworking space proposal in Mexico

This link just points directly back to this post - what did you have in mind?

No worries :) I've added 'and writing coach' to the OP, so it will also show up if I C&P the copy for future such advertising posts.

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