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A Sequence Against Strong Longtermism

Fwiw, while I have some sympathy with the arguments you advance (and haven't managed to form an opinion on much of it), I find the level of snark in your writing offputting.

The case against “EA cause areas”

One downside of this is that without some cause curation, you could end up with zero sum games when charities or causes were in opposition - encouraging more effectiveness from feminists and MRAs, nuclear power advocates vs Greenpeace, gun control charities and the NRA, etc.

That's not to say a greater emphasis away from central cause areas would be bad, just not an uncritical one.

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

80K used to have a pledge almost exactly like this (something like 'contribute at least 10% of my working time to doing the most good), but they moved away from it quite quickly. I can't find the original wording of the pledge now, but I found an email where said they were replacing it with this 'statement of intent':

I declare that I aim to pursue a career as an effective altruist.

This means that I intend to:

(i)                  Devote a significant proportion of my time or resources to helping others.

(ii)                 Use the time or resources I give as effectively as possible in helping others.

(iii)                Make my career decisions based at least in part on how it enables me to further my altruistic aims.

Further to this declaration of intent, every member, in joining the 80,000 Hours community, agrees to report on their altruistic activities every year.

I'm not sure if that's still publicised anywhere - it certainly doesn't seem like they promote it any more.

EA needs consultancies

This is now ready for proofreading for anyone who's interested.  I've left a handful of questions as comments on the doc that I'd be particularly interested in opinions/support on. Part 1 is here - there are five parts, each part linking to the next:

The most successful EA podcast of all time: Sam Harris and Will MacAskill (2020)

Although he mentions at the start that he'd be interested in doing further episodes with Bostrom.

The most successful EA podcast of all time: Sam Harris and Will MacAskill (2020)

Yeah, just looking at the view counts of a bunch of his YouTube videos in that time. That seems to be his primary platform, so I'd guess its an OK representation of his total listenership

The most successful EA podcast of all time: Sam Harris and Will MacAskill (2020)

Dunno how I missed that! Still, I bet he'd also be really interested in conversations with the FHI crew.

His average viewership seems to have 5xed since then, too.

The most successful EA podcast of all time: Sam Harris and Will MacAskill (2020)

I can imagine Lex Fridman ('s audience) being similarly engaged. Would be great if we could get him to interview someone like Will, Toby, Bostrom etc.

EA needs consultancies

Quick note to anyone interested that I've been researching the idea of an EA tech-agency-cum-consultancy for a while now. I'm hoping to post a sequence on it within the next week or two. When the next draft is ready I'll link to it here, but if anyone's curious about the idea feel free to PM me in the meantime.

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