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This is the latest of a theoretically-three-monthly series of posts advertising EA infrastructure projects that struggle to get and maintain awareness (see original advertising post for more on the rationale).

I italicise organisations added since the previous post was originally submitted and bold those edited in to the current one after posting, to make it easier for people to scan for new entries.

Also, since funding seems to be very tight in the community at the moment, I've added a section to the end on 'Organisations urgently seeking donations'. I don't have any inclusion criteria atm beyond signal boosting posts people have made in the last few months, especially those who are in an existential crisis from lack of funding. 


  • EA Gather Town - An always-on virtual meeting place for coworking, connecting, and having both casual and impactful conversations
  • EA Anywhere - An online EA community for everyone
  • EA coworking Discord - A Discord server dedicated to online coworking

Free or subsidised accommodation

  • CEEALAR/formerly the EA hotel - Provides free or subsidised serviced accommodation and board, and a moderate stipend for other living expenses.
  • NonLinear's EA house  database  - An  experiment by Nonlinear to try to connect EAs with extra space with EAs who could do good work if they didn't have to pay rent (or could pay less rent). 

Writing support

  • Amber Dawn - a freelance writer, editor and writing coach for the EA community who can help you edit drafts and write up your unwritten ideas.

Mental health support

  • Mental Health Navigator - a signposting service committed to connecting people to free or low-cost mental health resources.

Tech support 

  • Legal advice from Tyrone Barugh - a practice under consideration with the primary aim of providing legal support to EA orgs and individual EAs, with that practice probably being based in the UK.


  • Katie Glass - offers subsidised coaching to women working in longtermist & meta cause areas
  • Magnify Mentoring - connects and supports people from underrepresented backgrounds who are ambitious and rigorous in their altruism, to have a positive impact with their careers and lives
  • Elliot Billingsley - Coaching is best for people who have personal or professional goals they’re serious about accomplishing. My sessions are designed to improve clarity and motivation.
  • Tee Barnett Coaching 
    • (coaching training) - a multi-component training infrastructure for developing your own practice as a skilled coach.
    • (coach matchmaking) - Access matchmaking to high-quality coaching at below-market pricing.
  • Probably Good - Whether you’re a student searching for the right path or an experienced professional seeking a purpose-driven opportunity, we’re here to help you brainstorm career paths, evaluate options, and plan next steps
  • AI Safety Support - health coaching to people working on AI safety (first session free)
  • 80,0000 Hours career coaching - Speak with us for free about using your career to help solve one of the world’s most pressing problems
  • Yonatan Cale - Coaching for software devs 
  • FAANG style mock interviews - senior software engineer at Waymo, who previously worked at Google

Forecasting tools

  • Sage tools
    • Fatebook: the fastest way to make and track predictions
    • Fatebook for Chrome: Instantly make and embed predictions, in Google Docs and anywhere else on the web
    • Quantified Intuitions: Practice assigning credences to outcomes with a quick feedback loop
    • Fatebook for Slack - a Slack bot designed to help high-impact orgs build a culture of forecasting.
  • Confido - A forecasting tool for during meetings or for within organisation! Potentially makes meetings faster and it is a simple way to get some groups forecasts. 

Financial and other material support

  • Manifund - offers charitable funding infrastructure designed to improve incentives, efficiency, and transparency
  • Lighthaven - a large event and office space in Downtown Berkeley, which provides heavily subsidized event space for various EA-aligned programs and events
  • Effective Altruism Funds - Whether an individual, organisation or other entity, we’re eager to fund great ideas and great people
  • Nonlinear fund - We incubate longtermist nonprofits by connecting founders with ideas, funding, and mentorship
  • Survival and Flourishing Fund - A “virtual fund”: we organize application submission and evaluation processes to help donors decide where to make donations
  • Open Philanthropy Project - a research and grantmaking foundation that aims to share its findings openly
  • Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative - Supports university research groups working to reduce x-risk, by providing them with free services and support

Support services for EA organisations

  • WorkStream Business Systems - a service dedicated to EAs, helping you improve your workflow, boost your bottom line and take control of your business
  • cFactual - a new, EA-aligned strategy consultancy with the purpose of maximising its counterfactual impact
  • Good Governance Project - helps EA organizations create strong boards by finding qualified and diverse professionals
  • User-Friendly  - an EA-aligned marketing agency
  • Anti Entropy - offers services related operations for EA organizations
  • Arb - Our consulting work spans forecasting, machine learning, and epidemiology. We do original research, evidence reviews, and large-scale data pipelines.
  • Pineapple Operations - Maintains a public database of people who are seeking operations or Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant work (part- or full-time) within the next 6 months in the Effective Altruism ecosystem

Organisations urgently seeking donations

Inclusion criteria for other organisations

I'm going try out making the guidelines more permissive, to include resources that are explicitly designed for individual EAs even if they're fee-charging, since such organisations have the same problem getting the word out as everyone else. Let me know if your org qualifies and you want me to add you to the list.

So now the approximate criteria are as follows (as ever, open to discussion, and if there's something you think is essential to let people know about which doesn't strictly fit, feel free to suggest it - for eg the house database doesn't technically qualify, but seemed too valuable to omit):

  • The resource should be free to use, or at available at a substantial discount to relatively poor EAs, or
  • It should be aimed specifically at EA-oriented people
  • It should be for the direct benefit of the people using it, not just to 'enable them to do more good' (though hopefully that will be a side benefit)
  • It should be available to people across the world (ie. not just a local EA group)
  • It should be a service or product that someone is putting ongoing work into (ie not just a list of tips, or Facebook/Discord/Slack groups with no purpose other than discussion of some EA subtopic, etc)
  • Or it should be an organisation or project for which lack of funding is an existential concern

Also, let me know if I should remove any resources or edit any of the descriptions. I've checked it for broken links but haven't done any further editing. As ever, feel free to message me and let me know if some resource or organisation should be added to the list.

Finally if you think that these organisation deserve more exposure but don't want to give me free karma for essentially C&Ping the same thing every few months, please consider strong upvoting this post and strong downvoting this karma sink comment.

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A bunch of projects by Lightcone Infrastructure that likely qualify: 

  • We run LessWrong.com and the AI Alignment Forum (alignmentforum.org)
  • We also built and continue to maintain the codebase that runs LessWrong and the EA Forum (together with the EA Forum team), which is now also being used by a bunch of other forums (like the Progress Forum, the recently launched Animal Advocacy Forum, and the Sam Harris "Waking Up" community)
  • We also run Lighthaven, a large event and office space in Downtown Berkeley, which provides heavily subsidized event space for various EA-aligned programs and events (currently hosting the MATS program)

Thanks Oliver. I've added Forum Magnum and Lighthaven.

I'm reluctant to have links to other forums through some combination of

a) it being a potential floodgate to start linking to communities that aren't fairly explicitly a subset of EA, and 

b) those forums being already well known, and I want to highlight projects that people  might realistically miss after a couple of months in the EA fold.

I'm wondering whether I should take some of the bigger organisations off the list for the latter reason, but I haven't managed to come up with a consistent principle here. I'm open to being persuaded that there's a way to be more consistent in either direction.

Nah, seems reasonable to me.

writing here to add a signal: i know less about the first two (LW and the codebase behind it), but Lighthaven is a godsend. i've run two EA-aligned events at lighthaven that would've either been infeasible to run elsewhere due to cost constraints, or significantly worse at other venues.

@Habryka is it possible to track all public Magnum forums? Any searchable legal attribution or technical element?

Can't think of any way off the top of my head.

I'd mention Elliot Billingsley as an excellent, aligned coach.

Thanks! I've added him.

Hope it's okay to share Freelancing For Good which I co-founded. This is a new EA-aligned community specifically aimed at freelancers. Our mission is to introduce freelancers both within and outside EA to different high-impact pathways for doing good e.g. earning to give, working on projects addressing pressing issues, or starting their own charitable project.

We also have a Slack channel if anyone wants to join! 

Can we add EA Mental Health Navigator, especially the provider database? It's a list of coaches and therapists recommended by EAs. It is available as a resource, and would also benefit from more people leaving reviews of providers they've worked with! 

Thanks Lynette. I've added them now.

Thanks for the shout-out! I just want to add that I also offer writing coaching, for those who want to learn how to make their own writing clearer and more effective. 

No worries :) I've added 'and writing coach' to the OP, so it will also show up if I C&P the copy for future such advertising posts.

you might find a number of good resources — specifically within forecasting — here: predictionmarketmap.com. i would particularly highlight Manifund as a way for EAs to get funding~


coi: i built the aforementioned map, and i currently work at manifund.

Thanks Saul. I've added Manifund. I'm unsure whether to add the map, since I want to keep this list to 'services' (or products) that are actively being worked on rather than lists that might go stale. How much continuing work are you putting into upkeeping the map?

ahh, sorry — i meant that there are a bunch of things on the map that you might consider adding, particularly in the "forecasting tools" section (e.g. manifold, metaculus, squiggle, guesstimate, metaforecast, etc). i didn't necessarily mean to imply that you should also add the map, though i could be persuaded either way.

also re: manifund, this is sorta hard to convey concisely, but we do both of:

  1. fund impactful projects (e.g. you can submit an application and get funded)
  2. provide infrastructure to fund projects (e.g. we're hosting the ACX Grants on manifund)

not sure exactly how to describe this, and i think you did a pretty good job in your description!

(edit: added the last sentence of the first paragraph)

As well as Fatebook for Slack, at Sage we've made other infrastructure aimed at EAs (amongst others!):

  • Fatebook: the fastest way to make and track predictions
  • Fatebook for Chrome: Instantly make and embed predictions, in Google Docs and anywhere else on the web
  • Quantified Intuitions: Practice assigning credences to outcomes with a quick feedback loop

Thanks Adam. I've edited those in.

I don't think that SEADS still exists.  They haven't posted in a while and their website is dead


Thanks Tyner - I've removed them.

Thanks for these resources!

I hope it's okay mention my executive coaching here. I work with EAs to overcome anxieties and connect with purpose. My style is informed by mindfulness practice, Gendlin's Focusing, and Internal Family Systems.

We at Future Matters also offer strategy consulting Support services for EA organisations. A summary of our services is here!

Reach heaven through research consulting.

People other than at Arb also offering it (at various rates):

I remember Sarah Constantin having been available for this too, but I don't know whether she still does research consulting.

A general paired criterion I have is that the services either have to be targeted to EA individuals (which I don't think research qualifies as) or to offer pretty substantial discounts to them (the logic being that I want to support people supporting the little guy) - Arb assured me in an earlier post they do the latter. Do you know if any of these people would do so?

Ah, makes sense. I don't know whether others do this. I will have to think on how I handle this myself, but I want to make it cheaper for individuals & EA topics.

I've thought a bit about this and updated to include a (admittedly minor) discount for impactful or interesting work, "$20 for impactful or interesting projects, $35 for work with a public result, $50 otherwise".

Executive summary: A post advertising free or discounted services and resources aimed at effective altruists, as well as organizations in the EA community that urgently need funding.

Key points:

  1. Lists free/subsidized coworking spaces, accommodations, professional services, coaching, tools, and financial support available to EAs.
  2. Includes organizations like CEEALAR, EA Poland, and AI Safety Camp that urgently need donations to continue operating.
  3. Relaxed criteria to include some fee-based services and resources specifically aimed at helping individual EAs.
  4. Requests readers spread awareness of these organizations and strongly vote on the post.
  5. Invites suggestions for additional organizations to include that provide valuable services, face funding issues, or deserve more exposure in the EA community.



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