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thanks for the kind words — and thanks for helping OPTIC become a reality! :)

yeah, i agree — i think we'll probably rely more heavily on questions in that style for the next iteration of OPTIC. i don't think we relied enough on existing questions/tournaments (see here).

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I'm really appreciative of Manifold. Since they've come on the scene only about a yearish ago, they've completely transformed the community of forecasting. Go Austin + the rest of the team!


(also I think this is a great idea — I completely endorse providing community support. thanks for posting this!)

great points!

agreed, quick feedback loops are vital for good engagement + learning. we couldn't figure out a good way to do it for the pilot, but this is definitely something we're interested in building out for the next competition.

also, fermi estimation is a great idea — jane street sometimes runs an (unaffiliated) estimathon, but it would be cool to build in an estimation round, or something along those lines. do you have any other ideas for quickly-resolving rounds?

thanks for your thoughts!

~ saul

Saul Munn

This seems awesome!

How does Probably Good differentiate itself from 80k hours? I'd love to know your competitive advantage :)

~ Saul

Came here to suggest talking to 80k hours. +1 on that! Even if you don't schedule a call with them, they have really high-quality and in-depth guides that you can look through yourself. :)

~ Saul

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Hey Jack!

You should consider applying/going to an EA Global event — you'll be able to talk (in person!) with a bunch of people who work in the field. If money is a concern, you can apply to have your travels reimbursed. Learn more here :)

~ Saul

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