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This is a linkpost for http://Less.Online/

A Festival of Writers Who are Wrong on the Internet[1]

LessOnline is a festival celebrating truth-seeking, optimization, and blogging. It's an opportunity to meet people you've only ever known by their LessWrong username or Substack handle.

We're running a rationalist conference!

The ticket cost is $400 minus your LW karma in cents.

Confirmed attendees include Scott Alexander, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Katja Grace, and Alexander Wales.


Go through to Less.Online to learn about who's attending, venue, location, housing, relation to Manifest, and more.

We'll post more updates about this event over the coming weeks as it all comes together.

If LessOnline is an awesome rationalist event,
I desire to believe that LessOnline is an awesome rationalist event;

If LessOnline is not an awesome rationalist event,
I desire to believe that LessOnline is not an awesome rationalist event;

Let me not become attached to beliefs I may not want.

      —Litany of Rationalist Event Organizing

[Meta: I am not organizing this event. I am organizing related events, happening immediately after LessOnline, in the same location, for a similar group of people. I'm working pretty closely with the Lightcone team on these & related fronts, but I'll emphasize again that I am not organizing LessOnline. I did think that people who regularly browse the EA Forum might be interested in hearing about LessOnline, though, which is exactly why I'm posting it here.]

  1. ^

    But Striving to be Less So




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