LessWrong (sometimes spelled Less Wrong) is a community blog and forum dedicated to improving epistemic and instrumental rationality.


In November 2006, the group blog Overcoming Bias was launched, with Robin Hanson and Eliezer Yudkowsky as its primary authors.[1] In early March 2009, Yudkowsky founded LessWrong, repurposing his contributions to Overcoming Bias as the seed content for this "community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality."[2][3]This material was organized as a number of "sequences", or thematic collections of posts to be read in a specific order, later published in book form.[4] Shortly thereafter, Scott Alexander joined as a regular contributor.

Around 2013, Yudkowsky switched his primary focus to writing fan fiction, and Alexander launched his own blog, Slate Star Codex, to which most of his contributions were posted. As a consequence of this and other developments, posting quality and frequency on LessWrong began to decline.[5] By 2015, activity on the site was a fraction of what it had been in its heyday.[6]

LessWrong was relaunched as LessWrong 2.0 in late 2017 on a new codebase and a full-time, dedicated team.[7][8] The launch coincided with the release of Yudkowsky's book Inadequate Equilibria, posted as a series of chapters and also released as a book.[9] Since the relaunch, activity has recovered and has remained at steady levels.[6][10]

In 2021, the LessWrong team became Lightcone Infrastructure, broadening its scope to encompass other projects related to the rationality community and the future of humanity.[11]

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Monteiro, Chris et al. (2017) History of Less Wrong, LessWrong Wiki, October 20.

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