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But my second critique is more substantive. It is that apart from being rationally ignorant on these issues, most voters probably will be irrational on them too.

I'm kind of confused about this point - why expect big funders to be less irrational? You point to 'incentives' but AFAICT those incentives will push big donors to do good things given their beliefs, but not to be less irrational about what beliefs to hold (unlike in the for-profit company space where if you make less money you're less of a thing in the market).

How do we know this is actually him?

Overall I think any reasonable person should have an intuition that the site is dodgy after skimming a few articles

Eh I agree tbh but there's a gap between "dodgy" and "horrific[ally] racist", which was "Shakeel's concern" that you mentioned.

It doesn't seem that hard to believe that someone could see a far-right website and not notice that they occasionally publish crazy anti-semitic content (e.g. if I look at their front page, many of the articles seem kooky to me, but none seem racist). To be honest, given that the last name Shapiro seems to mostly be used by people with Jewish ancestry, I'd be kind of surprised if his brother knew about that content before submitting (altho I suppose anything is possible).

I think it doesn't even make sense at first glance! Anyway I retain my right to complain about bad things that are common.

Note that the ship is already effective altruism so in this reading the ship is also God (which is actually an interesting twist on the story).

Like, for one, Nineveh is super alien to Jonah, and he hates the fact that they actually repent, which seems like a bad analogy for Will speaking truth to EAs in order to get us to do better. Also Nineveh's sins don't seem like they have much to do with Jonah's (altho Jonah certainly doesn't seem to have a totally properly reverent attitude). So the paragraph just doesn't really make all that much sense.

Actually sackcloth and ashes go together so maybe we're supposed to assume that the Ninevites did the ashes as well? I maybe retract this remark.

I am purely quibbling with whether the Biblical allusion fits.

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