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Just realized that I never posted this here, and thought this audience might be interested: last year, I interviewed Carrick Flynn for ~1.3 hours about his campaign, and specifically his policies on pandemic preparedness and semiconductor manufacturing. During the campaign I had a vague sense of his policies but I actually didn't have much more detail than "he is against pandemics and would like to spend money to make them stop happening". If you're in the same boat, this interview might be helpful. Also if you really like the episode, you might want to check out the rest of the podcast. Anyway, below is the episode description I wrote when the podcast got released.

In this episode, Carrick Flynn talks about his campaign to be the Democratic nominee for Oregon's 6th congressional district. In particular, we talk about his policies on pandemic preparedness and semiconductor manufacturing. He answers questions such as:

  • Was he surprised by the election result?
  • Should we expect another Carrick campaign?
  • What specific things should or could the government fund to limit the spread of pandemics? Why would those work?
  • What is working at a semiconductor plant like?




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