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If you attended EAG Bay Area this year, you might have noticed a guy with a microphone trying to get people to let him interview them. That was me! As a result, I now have a podcast where I talk to a bunch of semi-anonymous people about what their experience at EA Global was like. Hopefully, this gives some sense for the cross-section of the vibes at the event. Disclaimers:

  • The sample is definitely not random, selection effects likely up-weighted outgoing people, people who knew me personally, and people who don't work for organizations that don't let them talk to the press.
  • If I interviewed you and it didn't end up in the episode, that's because either (a) you asked me to not put it in the episode, (b) I messed up the audio, or (c) re-listening to it I thought I asked bad questions that didn't engage with what you said very much.

You can listen on google podcasts here, or if you'd prefer to just have the raw mp3, that's available here.

To listen to other episodes of this podcast, search "The Filan Cabinet" in your podcast app of choice.




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Here's a transcript: this was interesting to skim through, thanks for sharing!

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