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That article from Medium.com appears to have been removed. That's relevant given that Jacy has now begun publicly interacting with the EA community and these past allegations have been brought up again.

The Forum should consider anonymizing names

Summary: Doing this in practice is literally almost possible. 

The goals of having the EA Forum be a platform with open discussion and arguments evaluated based on quality and usefulness with impartiality to whoever wrote them can only be achieved by other means. 

It's not a matter of steelmanning why it might be harmful. I would be okay with anonymizing all user accounts on the EA Forum too but it's not a matter of opinion because any attempt to do so is practically guaranteed to fail. The EA Forum serves other necessary functions that are (considered) just as important. 

Every EA-affiliated organization or project uses the EA Forum for public communications and requests for feedback, fundraisers, job postings and quarterly/annual reports. There is no way all that content can be posted on the EA Forum without most of the authors being identified based on them being a staff member for whichever organization any post is about. 

If everyone stopped publishing all of those kinds of posts on the EA Forum, there would be almost no content on the EA Forum. Discussions and arguments on the EA Forum are almost all related to posts whose authors can't be anonymized on both the EA Forum and even other websites. 

[Resolved] When will "EA Forum Docs" be taken out of the beta stage and replace Markdown as the default formatting option?

I've learned from others' answers there is apparently an option to edit default account setting and also I don't know how to navigate the basic features of user interfaces. I do appreciate your input though.

[Resolved] When will "EA Forum Docs" be taken out of the beta stage and replace Markdown as the default formatting option?

Thank you for providing this information as a public service. This comment will be the last one I ever post with markdown as the default setting for formatting.

[Resolved] When will "EA Forum Docs" be taken out of the beta stage and replace Markdown as the default formatting option?

This is very helpful. You are more of a gentleman than anyone in EA who may have received knighthood and more of a scholar than anyone the most decorated academic in this movement.

U.S. EAs Should Consider Applying to Join U.S. Diplomacy

I haven't read this yet but I appreciate this post because it's important. It's so important that I will push back on the title of this post for understating how imperative this is. It isn't enough for some in EA to only consider applying to join U.S. diplomacy. Some of them should really, definitely do it for sure.

[This comment is no longer endorsed by its author]Reply
US Citizens: Targeted political contributions are probably the best passive donation opportunities for mitigating existential risk

Are there one or more reasons you didn't mention by name the candidate whose campaign to which you've contributed, Carrick Flynn, a participant in effective altruism who has a professional background in x-risk reduction, as opposed to only being someone who has privately been vetted by trusted peers?

Did Peter Thiel give "the keynote address at an EA conference"?

Summary: Peter Thiel spoke at the EA Summit conferences organized in both 2013 and 2014 but was the singular keynote speaker at the 2014 conference. The other affiliation Thiel had with EA at the time was through Leverage Research and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, two EA-affiliated non-profit organizations to which Thiel had been a major donor for multiple years. Leverage Research was one of the main organizations sponsoring the 2013 and 2014 conferences. Thiel has not donated to MIRI since at least 2015 due to a difference of perspective on the likely impact of advanced AI on the long-term future. Thiel is presently still a major donor to Leverage Research but that organization itself has not self-identified as an EA-aligned organization since at least 2018/19.

You are correct from your other comment that Peter Thiel was only one of multiple keynote speakers at the 2013 Effective Altruism Summit. He was the keynote speaker at the 2014 EA Summit. 

The "EA Summits" were a series of EA conferences organized in 2013, 2014 and 2018. For the Summits in 2013 and 2014, multiple organizations were the sponsor for the event but the primary one was Leverage Research. Leverage was the only organization which organized and sponsored the EA Summit in 2018. The EA Global series of conferences was initiated as a more formal series of conferences managed by the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) as EA began growing more into a global movement in its own right.

From 2014 and before, Thiel's relationship to EA was through him being a repeat, major donor to both Leverage and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). After 2014, any direct affiliation Thiel had with EA ceased as was initiated by himself. AI alignment was the cause in EA that was the primary attraction for Thiel. He ceased donating to MIRI after he came to disagree with the relatively pessimistic perspective on the impact advanced artificial intelligence would have on the long-term future. 

Thiel has continued donating to Leverage as an organization independent of EA after he otherwise ceased donating to any other EA-affiliated organizations. Leverage Research explicitly stopped self-identifying as an EA-aligned organization from 2018/19 onward. Geoff Anders, the founder and executive director of Leverage Research, is on the record as Peter Thiel still being a major, repeat donor to the organization as of 2021/22.

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