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Democratising Risk - or how EA deals with critics

Strongly upvoted, and me too. Which sources do you have in mind? We can compare lists if you like. I'd be willing to have that conversation in private but for the record I expect it'd be better to have it in public, even if you'd only be vague about it.

How Big a Problem is Status Quo Bias in the EA Community?

It wasn't a private group but only people need to request to join if they're on Facebook. I agree with you though.

How Big a Problem is Status Quo Bias in the EA Community?

That's a good idea but the post was in a private group, so I figured that might complicate things if people aren't on Facebook or they have to join a while other group anyway before they join the conversation. I'll do it next time though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Wild Animal Welfare Literature Library: Original Research and Cause Prioritization

Yeah, I've been thinking of updating the library but that would take enough effort I haven't gotten around to it yet. I could get started on it whenever if I had some help. Please let me know if you or someone else you know would like to help. I might also make an EA Forum post requesting help, if you think that'd be a better idea.

Should EA be explicitly long-termist or uncommitted?

Yeah, some parts of this discussion are more theoretical than practical and I probably should have highlighted this. Nonetheless, I think it's easy to make the mistake of saying "We'll never get to point X" and then end up having no idea of what to do if you actually get to point X. If the prominence of long-termism keeps growing within EA, who knows where we'll end up?

Asking that question as a stopping point doesn't resolve the ambiguity of which of this is theoretical vs. practical. 

If the increasing prominence of long-termism like that, in terms of different kinds of resources consumed relative to short-termist efforts, is only theoretical, then the issue is one worth keeping in mind for the future. If it's a practical concern, then, other things being equal, it could be enough of a priority that determining which specific organizations should distinguish themselves as long-termist may need to begin right now. 

The decisions different parties in EA make on this subject will be the main factor determining 'where we end up' anyway.

I can generate a rough assessment for resources other than money of what expectations near-termism vs. long-termism is receiving and can anticipate for at least the near future. I can draft an EA Forum post for that by myself but I could co-author it with you and one or more others if you'd like.

Should EA be explicitly long-termist or uncommitted?

Strongly upvoted. As I was hitting the upvote button, there was a little change in the existing karma from '4' to '3', which meant someone downvoted it. I don't know why and I consider it responsible of downvoters to leave a comment as to why they're downvoting but it doesn't matter because I gave this comment more karma than can be taken away so easily.

Should EA be explicitly long-termist or uncommitted?

Is there an assessment of how big this problem really is? How many people distributed across how many local EA groups are talking about this? Is there a proxy/measure for what impact these disputes are having?

How Big a Problem is Status Quo Bias in the EA Community?

He asked about a status quo bias favouring the world the way it is. He noticed much of the EA community appears to favour the status quo for politics, economics, etc. He presumably meant mainstream liberal/centrist positions in Western countries. To paraphrase, he is new to EA and his intuition is that if EA does more good on the margin that traditional institutions aren't doing, advocating for what they're already doing might defeat the purpose of maximizing marginal utility. He thought he might be missing something, which is why he asked.

Yeah, I've added it as an embedded link in the post now. Thanks for catching that for me. I don't know why I forgot that.

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