Effective altruism obviously does a lot of good for the world in X, Y, Z, ways, whatever. There is a lot of discourse both from outside and from within about how it needs to change in X, Y, Z, philosophical ways. I want to know in a more simple, matter-of-fact way: what do you think EA just sucks at, like, is just really, really super bad at doing, and needs to get better at?

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Chris Leong

Jan 31, 2023


Volunteering. Effective Altruism doesn't have as strong a culture of volunteering as other community groups. When we had access to massive amounts of funding we were able to substitute paying people for volunteering, but I think we're going to have to address this situation in the new funding environment.


Jan 30, 2023


I'd argue that EA is quite bad at something like: "Engaging a broad group of relevant stakeholders for increased impact". So getting loads of non-EA people on your side, and finding ways to work together with multiple, potentially misaligned orgs, governments and individuals. 

Don't want to overstate this- some EA orgs do this well. Charity Entrepreneurship include stakeholder engagement in their program, for example. But it seems neglected in the EA space more generally.