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Currently doing local AI safety Movement Building in Australia and NZ.


I'm not a fan of this negativity. Why not be grateful for all the money he's donated to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation instead?

Fascinating, I can't believe I've never heard this argument before.

  1. What do you think was the best point that Titotal made?
  2. I'm not saying it can't be questioned. And there wasn't a rule that you couldn't discuss it as part of the AI welfare week. That said, what's wrong with taking a week's break from the usual discussions that we have here to focus on something else? To take the discussion in new directions? A week is not that long.

I think it’s very valuable for you to state what the proposition would mean in concrete terms.

On the other hand, I think it’s quite reasonable for posts not spend time engaging with the question of whether “there will be vast numbers of AIs that are smarter than us”.

AI safety is already one of the main cause areas here and there’s been plenty of discussion about these kinds of points already.

If someone has something new to say on that topic, then it’d be great for them to share it, otherwise it makes sense for people to focus on discussing the parts of the topic that have not already been covered as part of the discussions on AI safety.

I’m pretty bullish on having these kinds of debates. While EA is doing well at having an impact in the world, the forum has started to feel intellectually stagnant in some ways. And I guess I feel that these debates provide a way to move the community forward intellectually. That's something I've been feeling has been missing for a while.

You wrote that governance is more important than technical research. Have you considered technical work that supports governance? The AI Safety Fundamentals course has a week on this.

In any case, working in AI or AI safety would increase your credibility for any activism that you decide to engage in.

Exciting news! I don't know whether we should prioritise Digital Consciousness, but I think it's important for there to be de-confusion work happening in this space.

Feels like maybe a broader discussion about how much EA should focus on long-termism vs near-termist interventions.

Definitely not worth spending a whole week debating vs. someone just writing a post if they feel strongly that this hasn't been sufficiently discussed.

I think we could give that a go, but it might make sense to have a vote after three months about whether it was too much.

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