I am a 'Senior Economist' at Rethink Priorities (https://www.rethinkpriorities.org/our-team)

My previous and ongoing research focuses on determinants and motivators of charitable giving (propensity, amounts, and 'to which cause?'), and drivers of/barriers to effective giving, as well as the impact of pro-social behavior and social preferences on market contexts.

I'm working to impact EA fundraising and marketing; see https://daaronr.github.io/ea_giving_barriers/index.html, innovationsinfundraising.org, and giveifyouwin.org.

Twitter: @givingtools

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Research Summary: The Intensity of Valenced Experience across Species

This is now in audio form on the EA Forum podcast HERE. I also read the comments, and add a few of my own.

Suffering-Focused Ethics (SFE) FAQ

FYI/FWIW -- links are going to an external google doc (at least the first one) not to the internal parts of this post

We’re discontinuing the standout charity designation

I agree. Your issue is relevant to more sophisticated EA-adjacent types too. I would love to have/build a simple app (R-shiny) that allows the user to input these concerns and tailor their analysis.

EA Market Testing

Actually consider this to be one of the more well replicated and evidenced findings. The 2016 meta-analysis HERE: supported it. However, I've recently been exposed to something or some discussion that seemed pretty credible suggesting this no longer should be taken as a robust result.

It may have come from metascience2021 (COS etc conference) -- if I dig it up again, I'll post it and maybe write a twitter on it.

[Job ad] Research important longtermist topics at Rethink Priorities!

Speaking just about the publishing point, when I was trying to leverage my old network to help recruit for our past global health & development hiring rounds, it was definitely the case that development[] economists (who have a robust pre-existing non-EA academic field) viewed not being as incentivized in the org to publish academic papers as a noticeable negative.

Less internal incentive, true. But I'm not sure that they have so much less residual time to engage in the important parts of research that could lead to academic publications (or academic-quality work) vis a vis academia itself.

Academics tend to work round the clock, and have important teaching and administrative responsibilities that can also be very distracting from research. I think you probably could pursue an academic-level publication agenda at RP, at least as well as in many university academic jobs.

[Job ad] Research important longtermist topics at Rethink Priorities!

But I'm trying to move the project into an 'action space' gitbook wiki HERE: https://app.gitbook.com/o/-MfFk4CTSGwVOPkwnRgx/s/-MkORcaM5xGxmrnczq25/

to start to get this in motion

[Job ad] Research important longtermist topics at Rethink Priorities!

Ah, EA forum appends itself to the beginning of Urls if you don't put the HTTP thing.

It's https://bit.ly/unjournal

Cultured meat: A comparison of techno-economic analyses

Thanks. This

I’d also like to better understand the methods used in these analyses in terms of the statistics/data sci/economic stuff. Like

I'll let Neil answer about the Risner (third) paper specifically, but the short answer is that I don't think the treatment of statistics or probability in any of these papers is particularly impressive.

Makes me think your pessimism might be premature, in the absence of clear and strong evidence?

The Cost of Rejection

I agree with most of this, thanks for writing

Some thoughts:

  • For some reason, it hurts more when we feel are being rejected personally and not as a category. So it is indeed better to be specific say "we rejected you because you didn't have red-umbrella-qualifications", where this is the case

  • Even better, 'conditionally anonymous' rejection (like the Tinder paradigm, where possible) or pre-emptive rejection by making the qualifications clear in advance

  • 'Feedback without litigation risk': The employer could offer to give feedback, at a future date, on the candidate's overall CV and presentation, and not specifically for the position they applied for. That is what I have tried to do where possible.

Announcing and seeking feedback on the READI philanthropy database project

Fwiw I'm EA behavioural science researcher 3, and I agree with your responses to EABSR's 1 and 2.

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