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Hi Ben,

The donor lottery should be run again at the end of 2023.

As far as we're aware this is the only donor lottery occurring. 

And yes, the GWWC team took over the donor lottery from EA Funds at the end of 2021.



Update: The 2022 Donor Lottery has been drawn!

The draw for the donor lottery took place on January 24th and no winner was drawn for all 3 lotteries - meaning that the ‘benefactor’ was selected.

View the draws here:
$2M lottery: No winner
$500K lottery: No winner
$100K lottery: No winner

This means that the funds will stay in the pot and will have the chance to be won in the next lottery.

This year, there was a high chance that the ‘benefactor’ would have won each of the lotteries and this is what occurred. The probability ranged from 74% for the $100K to 96.6% for the $2M. You can view the probabilities and payouts of past lotteries.

Thank you to those who entered the lottery, and best of luck if you choose to enter in the future!

I've added a bunch of Giving What We Can's videos under the different sections of your list! 

We've had feedback from group leaders in the past that some of our videos have been helpful for introductory content for their groups. - Grace

Also between FB, LinkedIn and EA Forum about ~1000 people have responded to the event!

We already have a bunch of community members involved in the main event (they'll be sharing about their giving onscreen) but there will be a chance for everyone to discuss during the gathertown event afterwards!

We'll also be prompting people to let us know in the chat during the YouTube event!

It's unclear to me when the match will begin exactly. In the past the match has started in Eastern Time - so I would assume ET is when the match will begin but this could be inaccurate.

Thanks Will! Just want to publicly acknowledge that we'd like to chat with you more about it.

I agree that there's still a chance for EAs to shift a good amount to effective charities through the match, but I think in general there's less of a need for the level of coordination than previously.

Looking forward to seeing what we can work out together! - Grace

Yes, we think that's right. We've just quoted directly from Meta above about the match. 

We're also trying to seek clarification about some thing from Meta but they are unlikely to respond based on past experience.

Hi Tyler, I saw your email but I'm just having some technical issues responding via the tech stack we have set up at the moment, am hoping to resolve very soon! It looks like Giving Multiplier aren't current set up to receive donations via Facebook so this would mean that we can't include them for now - if they get this set up, then we would be happy to include them. 

Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm working on this project on top of my normal work for GWWC and this is already the busiest period of the year for me.


Hi Kevin, we'd probably be able to arrange for someone to speak if there was an audience of 10 or more! Obviously the bigger the better :) Or we could try and combine several smaller groups for a virtual event!

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