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Demandingness and Time/Money Tradeoffs are Orthogonal

Love this post! I’d build on this question by slightly re-framing it. Instead of asking “should EA be more demanding?”, I’d ask:

  1. What should we promote as a general norm about demandingness?
  2. What should you personally aspire to in terms of demandingness?

I usually have completely different answers to these questions. General norms have to be simpler and work for a larger number of people. Personal aspirations can be tailor-made to your particular circumstances, personality, and goals.

Of course, you could make the general norm for each person to think specifically about what they should personally aspire to, and maybe we should just do that. One of my favorite things about EA is that we don’t tend to oversimplify things for people, but rather push people to really engage with the complexities and nuances of ideas.

Doing good easier: how to have passive impact

Yeah, it's an interesting question whether, all else being equal, it's better to set up many passive impact streams or build one very amazing and large organization.

I think it all depends on the particulars. Some factors are:

  • What's your personal fit? I think a really important factor is personal fit. Some people love the idea of staying at one organization for ten years and deeply optimizing all of it and scaling it massively. Others have an existential crisis just thinking of the scenario. Passive impact is a better strategy for when you like things when they're small and super startup vibe and for if you find it hard to stay interested in the same thing for years on end.
  • What sort of passive impact are you setting up? I think obsessively optimizing an amazing organization and working hard on replacing yourself with a stellar person, such that it continues to run as an amazing org without you beats starting and staying on the same org probably. On the other hand, digital automation tends to decay a lot more without at least somebody staying on to maintain the project, and that would on average be beaten by optimizing a single org.
Doing good easier: how to have passive impact

Definitely! It's a specific instance of a potential meta-trap (another piece here about the idea).

The big questions are:

1. What ratio of meta to direct work should there be in the community?

2. How do we allocate credit?

Which is much beyond the scope of this post, but very important to discuss!

EA needs a hiring agency and Nonlinear will fund you to start one

We've found three stellar people to incubate. 🥳 More details to be announced soon.

New: use The Nonlinear Library to listen to the top EA Forum posts of all time

Thanks for the suggestions!

Yeah, the links in the episode notes is the most requested feature. We have them in all of our channels except for the static playlists (such as the top of all time lists) and the main channel because of technical reasons. We're working on the main channel, but it might take a bit because it's surprisingly difficult. Kind of reminds me of this comic.

For the intros, at least on PocketCast you can set it to skip the first X seconds, which I recommend.

EA Houses: Live or Stay with EAs Around The World

Good question! We're planning on pinging listings on the sheets roughly every four months to see if it's still up to date. We also have a column that says when the listing was last updated.

New: use The Nonlinear Library to listen to the top EA Forum posts of all time

Absolutely. We use Asana and we'll just add it to our "Making a new channel" template to check and make sure that we have removed people who've opted out.

We have an automatic rule for the main channel. The problem here was that it was a one-off, static channel, so it wasn't using the same code we usually use.

I'm really sorry that that happened. I think this fix should do it.

New: use The Nonlinear Library to listen to the top EA Forum posts of all time

They should be removed now. Might take awhile to update on all the platforms. Could only find ones on the EA Forum. Let us know if you posted anything on other the other forums.

New: use The Nonlinear Library to listen to the top EA Forum posts of all time

Oh, I'm so sorry. Where is it? It probably was a mishap with our data entry person. We'll remove it ASAP.

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